Dec 4, 2011

Everyone Needs a Starting Point

Yup, Blogger hates me more now. Refreshing it doesn't work anymore. I'm going to have to start going back to regular bookmarks.

Anyways, I’m having trouble deciding where to start... I’ve been writing things up for a while now and any particular piece of the equation is of moderate relevance to any given passerby looking for information, but I can only make a post about one thing at a time and... Siiiiigh, lets just not even go back into complaining about “too much data.” I think we’ve covered that... So I think I’m gonna just roulette it, unless something relevant pops up along the way I could use as a “reply” of sorts to... liiiikes I did with Titles and MK-II. That would actually be convenient probably... as controversy seems to get me a lot of attention. Even if it’s mostly “I will punch you in the face” sort of attention... <.<;;

I suppose the best place to realistically start is with myself. I mean, I’ve talked a lot about my situation, but not so much about me. So who the fuck am I and why the fuck should you listen to me? I’m not even a runner, what the fuck do I know? Good Question. Let’s try to answer that.

Now, on the one hand, I’m basically your typical nerd. I’ve always been in to a lot of scifi and fantasy, which would make this situation a lot cooler in retrospect if it weren’t for the whole “going to be killed by a humanoid abomination” part. But at the same time, I’ve always been pretty well grounded in reality. I can tell my fantasy from my real life stuff basically... Or I thought I could... guess I’m not so sure now.

As such, I’ve always sort of believed in the possibility of certain things... ghosts, aliens, and similar such otherworldly things... but I’ve always done so from a skeptical perspective. I’m no die hard paranormal freak. I’m not going to jump at the slightest indication of “something weird” going on. I want hard evidence, damnit. (Which Onewinged was ever so “kind” to deliver to me.)

And I’ve always been fascinated by often overlooked areas of science that promote the possibility of living a more fantasy filled life than the mundane one I lived here on Earth. Space exploration and colonization was probably the biggest thing on my list of interests. It’s part of why I went into engineering... erm, that and I wanted to build giant robots. Because seriously... Mecha. Why do we not have this yet? I mean seriously. Seriously. Mecha. What the fuck does the Construct have against a twenty story tall walking behemoth with dual mounted gatlin cannons? Don’t tell me it’s not plausible! I’m an engineer damnit! I Will Tell You What CAN and Can Not be Built!

I wonder if we had orbital space colonies scattered throughout the Lagrange Points already... if the Construct would be able to reach them? Or if he’d be shit out of luck? Certainly that’s high enough to classify as the pen-ultimate “Get Up High” location, right? Can’t perceive me up here, Bitch! Ha, haaa!

Hmm... seem to be getting off topic though. Kind of. I mean, I guess between this and everything else, my personality must have become pretty apparent, right? Which is to say it flies all over the place I guess... Consistency. Who needs it?

I guess the point of all this though is to explain that, I’m smarter than I generally make myself look. I’m heavy into fantasy, but I know where to draw the line. And I prefer to maintain logical reality based standpoints, even if I stretch it a bit here and there for the sake of theorizing.

I know I’ll never have his reputation, but if I’m going to start laying out thoughts and beliefs about this thing, then I’d rather do it from the kind of perspective Zeke Strahm and perhaps Jay(Sage) [So we’re clear on which “Jay” here.] would take, over the kind of perspective that Robert Sagel would take. Have to stay as closely rooted to reality (as we know it) as possible. The farther into crazy town and/or magic land you reach, the less credible your arguments become because normal people can’t replicate your bullshit. So I’m going to use what sanity I still have to try and spread my “gospel” with an air of reason. There’s probably still be plenty of “hokey mumbo jumbo” popping up in it, but when you’re dealing with supernatural forces that really just can not be helped sometimes.

And just to clear the air about it, though I mention and will defend aspects of it from time to time, I’m not a follower of “Core Theory.” I admire Robert Sagel, but I do believe his High Concepts were flawed. Additionally, I respect those carrying the Title of Sage not because of the Title’s connection to Core Theory or the aspects there of, but because of what the Title of Sage means to Me, from My Perspective (which I’ll get into another day). And more importantly, because those who carry the Title of Sage where highly respectable survivors long before anyone decided to pass the name on to them and would be every bit as deserving of my respect with or without their Title.

So... I guess that’s more or less the kind of thing you should expect from me in the days to come. We’ll see how it goes...

More important topics next time, I swear.


  1. Twinkle twinkle little bitch
    Ain't your fucking life a bitch?
    Life is short and then you die
    Ain't no heaven in the sky.

    Heya, Gargle! It's me again, your friendly neighborhood Fellow Traveler, and have I got news for you! Wait...have I? I don't know, I thought you had it. I gave it to YOU! Well, don't blame me for YOUR carelessness, you little twat!


    Have y'ever thought...just for a minute...that maybe you're not as grounded as you'd like to believe, Gargle? That you might be just as airheaded as the rest of us, blown to and fro by every wind of sulphur-scented suggestion slipstreamed into that slimy little skull of yours? Maybe you're even completely unhinged, and all of us are just products of your imagination. Maybe you're just shouting into an empty closet, Gargle. Maybe you should come out. We can have a party.

    There'll even be cake.

  2. Ahh, she of the ever-changing screenname... you write such lovely things. At least you finally picked a nickname for me though. Respelling-Roulette seemed awful silly and inconsistent in your last comment.

    But to answer your question. Yes. This is a consideration which I have made. As a theory, it holds as much weight as any other I've come across. So I suppose I'm sort of disregarding it until some supporting evidence comes along.

  3. Roulette? You wound me, my dearest! I was playing dice with the universe. That bastard God refused to play, said the odds weren't in his favor, but luckily, I know how to play with myself.

    Now, to business.

    You've admitted that you being as batty as me is a perfectly valid theory, yet you're arbitrarily ignoring it? My my, such bad science. I wouldn't want to use any circuit YOU'D designed lest you'd arbitrarily decided to leave out critical pathways...anyway. Frankly, dear, given how few of us have been left alive, well, and without mental defects, I'd say you being completely starkers is the MOST likely hypothesis. Unless, that is, you choose to believe the word of a bunch of screen-names on the internet over the scientific principles you used in school. It's your choice either way, I suppose.

    And by the way, dear. You sure do defend Sagel a lot for claiming not to believe his theories (or believe they're flawed, whichever). What's your fixation on this man? Someone like Timothy Holiday or perhaps Dresden would be a MUCH better role model for your current predicament.

    Just food for thought.

  4. Hm, well, if you insist... I suppose I could try to think of some way to "detect" abnormalities in my behavior. Keeping a notebook perhaps? I... Think... there may be one of those around here. Or I could use notepad...

    But otherwise, yes, I'm disregarding it, because I have no evidence to support it. To the best of my standard recollection, the only thing I'm doing right now that is highly out of the ordinary is that whole thing where I'm living in a hole in the ground like a Burt Gummer wannabe. And maybe the part where I'm having a casual conversation with a person who appears to be claiming some form of supernaturally induced godhood. I'm assuming you're still claiming that. Feel free to correct me.

    And Sagel... like I said, I respect him. For all his flaws, he paved the way for a lot of things, from My Perspective. Though part of it stems from another source... the one I found Sagel and everyone else I grew to respect through. I'm putting faith in my friend and the people he believed could help him/me/us. Which is also, I suppose... why I'm so... "Disappointed" in certain people right now.

  5. Hehehe...oh, I never claimed to be a GOD in any way. I'm just not entirely human. And by the way, dear, avoid notebooks. So cliche. Why not check those fabulous security cameras of yours to see if they match up to your subjective reality? More efficient, kills fewer trees.

    And let's be honest, Gargle. You've got no hard evidence to support the idea that ANYTHING is happening. Isn't that true? You know your friend's gone missing, and that he delivered unto you his paranoid ramblings. That's not exactly Nobel Prize research there, my son. As for me and my abilities...well, who says I'm not utterly, GLORIOUSLY insane and you all aren't delusions in MY mind? I don't know for sure. I'm just playing along with the masquerade. And really, Sagel was worse than I ever was. Redlight, Greenlight, Yellowlight, Blacklight. It's like a living Dr. Seuss book! I should market that. Anyhow. He may have paved the way for many things, but so did Morningstar, and I very much doubt you have honest respect for either of the men to carry THAT name. And you've really got no right to be disappointed in anyone. You sit huddled in your little hole, typing on your computer like a big man when you haven't even seen the Beast yet. Have a few up-close-and-personals with him, THEN you can talk to the rest of us about our behavior. Until then, you're just putting on an act, a facade...a face.

    A mask.

    Take off your mask, little rockling. Show me the muscles and veins and bones beneath your plastic exterior. Show me your soul, how small and petty it really is.

    Let me put a SMILE on that face.

    Then you'll see things MY way.

  6. I'd make a remark now about how "Okay, so not ALL of the Proxies like me." but then, you've not Exactly a Proxy are you? One of those elusive members of the Fourth classification... something more like F&C.

    You did note something interesting there though. I was under the impression everyone had missed the bit about the cameras... I haven't mentioned them since that one time. I'm afraid they're not recording anything though. All I get is the live feed. Nothing out of the ordinary on them while I'm watching. No bursts of static, freeze-ups, or tears in the feed. I'll be sure to report it if something comes up though. Since something coming up will probably be followed by a lot of Me Running. Or Dying. I guess it depends on how things go.

    But you're right. I'm doing all of this on blind faith and Personal Perspective. I could be unwittingly taking part in conversations with imaginary people in some kind of bizarre community game... Or all of it is real. Either possibility holds potential merit. For the time being, I'm erring on the side of caution and staying put. If I was crazy for believing all of this, then at worst I have to find a new apartment and get to feel awful dumb for wasting several months fapping about while I could have been looking for a job. But at least I won't have to worry about being stalked by a faceless abomination then... and I'll have met so many entertaining people... so I'd consider that pretty win-win in the long run. Should it turn out to be the case...

  7. Congratulations, Gargle.


    Congratulations, you idiot.

    Congratulations, Gargy!



  8. And I actually get that reference.

  9. -facepalms-

    I love it when... damn it, which name has she picked this time? starts talking.

    i just read and read and read, and then realize she's even making fun of the reader as she's insulting the person it's meant for.

    i'm... way too fucking tired to be doing this.


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