Apr 26, 2012

That was also a bad idea

Okay, so I had this bright idea, right? The redlight costume didn't really get me anywhere, but what about a Slender Man costume? Yeah, yeah, EMH did it, but that's just what "supposedly" drew it to them. They didn't keep using it to see how he'd react to the costume directly. And hey, I figure, why not take it a step further?

So I tracked down this store I found online that sells costumes for people to wear while on stilts. All I really needed were some long-ass black pants and the stilts, the rest I picked out elsewhere(they didn't have any business suit costumes anyways). So now I'm walking around as this 8-9 foot tall fucker in a business suit, my head covered in a makeshift white face mask thingie... even got some of those little white gloves to make sure my hands were the right color.

But I didn't want to walk around like this in public, cause there's more than enough shit going around to infect people as it is. So I trekked out with my gear to set out in costume through a big open forest environment. Which is the BEST IDEA, I know... but I figured his own territory was the best place to draw him out in, so into the woods we go. I reiterate, I am aware of the fact that this is the BEST IDEA EVER, so you should not need to point this out to me at any time during the comments.

So guess what happened? As I'm walking around, deep in the forest, dressed as the Construct? Can you guess it? Do you know what I ran into out there?

The Construct? Ha, haaa... no, no, that's the obvious conclusion, try again.

Proxies? Nope! Not quite... though that would have probably been interesting.

A local gathering of The Fears? Le Gasp! Could it be true?? No. No it's not.

A panicked Runner with a gun? Ooo, man, that would have been tough to explain... but no...

Give up?!?

I ran into Bear. A fucking BEAR.

Now, had this been a true slender-shenanigans incident, I would have gladly described every stupid detail of this event to you, in the deluded belief that doing so might help someone figure it out a little better based on how it reacted to me and how I got away from it. But since that isn't the case... Fuck you guys, I am keeping my embarrassing-ass story to myself, thank you. All you need to know is that I'm still alive and I'm only telling you this at all as a simple reminder that "Oh yeah, there are other terrible things in the woods that maybe you should remember to be aware of and only forgot about because there was an eldritch abomination behind you."

For the record however...
-I have a sudden incredible disliking for Bears.
-Bears are not fond of muffins.
-I'm out of muffins.
-Running in stilts through a thick wooded area is difficult as fuck.

That is All.

Apr 24, 2012

Holy Fawking Shit

What the hell is this sorcery? Everything looks different and- whatthefu- Blogger actually recognizes that I'm following Mephi, The Last Midnight, and Letters from a Dead Man?? And... Holy Shit Nightscream I can actually see your fucking blog on here. However am I going to cope with not having to remind myself to look for these things now?

I don't even understand this shit.
Blogger? Functioning Correctly?!?
Clearly we have either fallen into Bizarro World or else we really are on the verge of the Apocalypse. There is no other reasonable explanation for this.

Oh hey, The Mystic's showing up now too... god... little LATE there Blogger!
Ugh, whatever... lets see how long this lasts. XP

Edit: Apparently ONE DAY. That's how long it lasted.

Apr 20, 2012


So I've started to notice that I've been getting headaches lately... Like really long-lasting pain in the ass headaches. So I guess to say I've noticed them lately is kind of a lie. I have clearly noticed them from the start. But they weren't that bad at first and, given the weather, I figured I could just blame it on allergies or some shit. But since I'm no longer living in the pollen infested hellhole that I used to, it's begun to dawn on me that maybe that's not quite the case... and that maybe there's a pattern here.

Alternatively, I could say it's because I haven't ever gotten much in the way of proper medical treatment and I keep getting myself involved in instances that result in my hitting my head. You know... trying to explode myself, getting knocked around by Shaun, getting bitch slapped by the Construct, trying to stare into its 'true form', throwing myself down some stairs... Little Things like That. -.-; Maybe. Just maybe. You know?

But those are the obvious conclusions again aren't they? Too simple...

So I think he'd been trying to get in my head... but I guess maybe my defenses are a bit higher than I thought...? So... he's squeezing at them. And it's starting to hurt. And I would appreciate it, if he would cut that shit out.

Ahh... no moral to this really. Just thought you might like to know.

Apr 18, 2012

Collaborative Efforts in Perception

So I had been passing notes back and forth a while back with Manic Muse regarding ideas for experiments because... ahh... he asked for them? And there's this one thing he had been asking me to try out and... mmph... I guess I finally caved a bit. I mean, I've been given a number of reasons as of late to doubt his general level of sanity, but I'm still intrigued enough by his thoughts on perception to go along with it. Besides, I needed something to get my mind off of things and I don't want to play with that other thing anymore right now... so... here we are.

Anyways, he basically had these ideas about using Perception to do something akin to drawing energy from the Construct, or perhaps rather from the chaotic elements surrounding him, to basically gain special abilities. Which obviously sounds kind of farfetched and out there but... stranger things have happened, right? I dunno. It's still a suggestion of low-level super-powers, so that's kinda... nnnngh, yeeeeeah... I mean, on the one hand, I really liked The Last Mimzy. I like this idea that you could present high concepts to children at an early age before their perceptions of reality have solidified and give them a chance to excel far beyond the mental and physical capabilities of even the most able of modern man. I mean, a little girl basically taught herself to levitate and speak telepathically, simply by providing her with knowledge and changing her perceptions in an age of innocence. That kind of crazy level of perception alteration is right up my ally. And instances of people with "powers" or whatever within the mythos does seem to suggest that such things might be more plausible than you'd think...

But I'm an adult damnit! I'm already pretty damned convinced that I can not fly. Because if I could fly, I wouldn't need to worry about some tentacled douchbag that can't seem to handle climbing more than 3-4 flights of stairs on most days of the week. In fact, I'm pretty sure the only thing left to worry about if I could fly is like the Convocation or something. So hey, yeah, learning to do something like that would be fucking awesome, but I don't think it's gonna happen regardless of how much I try to "believe" that I can fly.

Still... there's potential validity to the argument... so I figured I could try something a little smaller scale. He mentioned one idea of being able to lift small pebbles or stop oneself from hitting the ground when you fall. So... low level telekinesis, basically. I didn't feel like putting myself through the stupidity of trying to Jedi-mind throw a rock, so I went with more the latter option. Basically an idea that you could catch yourself in the heat of a dangerous situation by slowly down time or something. So... bullet-time, I guess. And it's pretty simple to test, just spend some time jumping around and prat-falling, while believing really hard in yourself. That was... "basically" what I wound up doing.

A few hours of "exercise" later and I was pretty certain that this wasn't working out. But then, obviously I was skeptical from the start, so I feel like that was probably holding me back. So I figured I'd try a more in depth approach and really push the boundaries here. So I found myself a nice spot, sat down, and really, truly meditated on the idea for about half an hour or so. Trying to find my center and all that. Focus my thoughts and energy. I can do this. I believe!

I returned to my feet refreshed and determined. We were really going to do it this time. I am Not Afraid! I can Do This! Just keep telling yourself that. You have the power, you just have to draw it out. The potential for greatness lies inside of you, now is the time to let it out. No turning back. We're ready. Lets do this!

And then I stepped forward and basically flung myself down a flight of stairs.

....yeah, that didn't work.

So now I'm back on the rooftops trying the one where you make yourself heal faster. Because that would be really great right now.

Apr 17, 2012

Blogger PSA

This can't just be happening to me. In fact, I know it isn't. Because it's been doing it on my blog to FidgetyLissie, and good old Ben made mention of it recently in a post. And frankly I'm getting sick of it so. Just FYI. Blogger's Spam Control Filters are off their fucking rocker and deleting people's posts from blogs after you've made them. Blog Owners should be able to go into the Comments tab and un-Spam mark them to undo this bullshit.

If it wasn't happening to other people too then I'd assume it was just "more people hate me than I realize and are just deleting my comments" but it's happening on blogs of people I'm pretty sure... "pretty sure" don't have a problem with me, so... it's kind of annoying. I keep having to have these little DejaVu moments of "I thought I posted something here." Or "What the Fuck is the Overseer doing to our posts NOW??" Or... you know... whatever. And I'm sick of retyping a comment and having it disappear again an hour later. So just something to keep an eye on and get the word out about I guess... -.-;;

Carry on...

Apr 16, 2012

Well... That Happened.

I picked a terrible time to play with gizmos that had the potential to give me migraines and nausea. Cause this weekend reeeeeally hasn't done much to make things better on that front. Seems every time I look at my computer now something crazy is going down and I'm having trouble processing it all. I think I'm just going to scroll through events to clear my head... you don't mind right? You've got nothing better to read right now... else you wouldn't be here in the first place. XP

Elaine Died.
That's what I'm going to call "the rumor" anyways.
I suppose you're all expecting me to jump with joy now, hmm? Throw a big party? Dance around singing "Ding, dong, the witch is dead?"

Sorry to disappoint. But I don't celebrate deaths. I didn't really like her a whole lot... Understatement... but that doesn't mean I'm happy she's dead. Not necessarily upset though either. So I guess the outside observer would just assume I don't care. Sure... I guess you can believe that if you want.

I am smiling though... but that is for entirely different reasons.

Nightscream is Alive. In spite of the catastrophe caused in keeping... hmm... sorry, not playing the undefined gender word game... her alive, I'm... kind of relieved honestly. I was expecting a report from The Messenger at any time and... I don't care if it's weird or stupid of me. It's one less dead person. So yes, I'm happy about THAT. Yes, saving her skin cost quite a few lives... but... and yes this is selfish... I don't care. She's alive. That's one smile I didn't have to force for once.

And She Made Them Fight One Another. >:3 Magnificent Bitch! XD

But... yeah... there was a lot of collateral damage from that... which I believe Proxiehunter warned would happen in the event something like that took place. And the saddest part being that I'm pretty sure neither of them died in the battle... However, I would wager the Plague Doctor will probably be quiet for a little while. Because I would similarly wager the Construct kicked its ass.

And then that other thing happened..........

I feel like I should dig out the red hoodie again for another experiment... but then again, I really never quite enjoyed wearing clothing with an Operator Symbol emblazening the hood. It's like having a fucking target painted on the back of your head. "Insert Bullet Here."

But yeah... apparently, we have a new Redlight. So I get to make more Mark-II jokes... (and Mark-III jokes apparently, but we'll get to that later) ...but... this was probably one of those developments that struck me the hardest. I'm... not sure why. I mean, obviously it's a big deal. Incredibly fucking big deal. <.<;; In fact, incredibly fucking BAD THING.

But... I don't know. I was never around for the original Red. I've heard of him, thought of him, but... he was already dead. So I never considered him much of a threat I guess. He was practically a joke by the time I started up. Yet this? I dunno... something about it just... pressed all the right buttons and made me feel uneasy... Angry even. Like it was personal all of a sudden. And I can't imagine why... maybe because it's Spenc because it WAS the man formerly known as Spencer Fitzgerald? Fuck it... who knows. But I'm not feeling very chill about the whole thing. I know that much at least.

And then there's... What ever the fuck THIS is.
On the one hand I'm all... Huh... That's cool I guess? On the other... What. The. Fucking. Fuck?? And on a completely third hand I just grew out of my forehead, Timing. Fucking. Timing.

We just lost-

.....I still can't talk about this.....

Fuck it.
Just fuck all of it and fuck all of you!
Crying over some bitch who might not even be dead and not one of you shed a tear for--DAMNIT

I need something to get my mind off all of this shit for a while, but I don't have any ideas for- oh... I guess there's still that... That'll do I guess... I'll test it tomorrow. Results when... there are fucking results.

Apr 12, 2012

Electronics are fucking dangerous....

Just... you know. F-Y-I.

Now... ahh... I guess I should send an apology to Raggedy here... I... don't know that my "plan" is actually going to work out. Or perhaps rather, I'm afraid of how effective it could be and I don't want to drop the tech in the wrong hands on accident...

I... <.<;

I had to test it first.

Umm... it.... sort of works. I think...

And I reeeeeeeeeeeeally don't want to talk about it now. My head is still fucking spinning and I feel like I'm going to be absolutely fucking sick.

But I guess I need to explain... uugghhh... I could just not be posting this! Whhhhhhhyyyyyy am I stupid and doing it anyways?? Stupid scientific need to report findings! >.<;;;

Ugh... so I went into like, a radio shack, okay? It wasn't really a radio shack, it wasn't a chain store at all, but if I gave you the regular name you wouldn't know what the fuck I'm talking about, so lets pretend it was a radio shack. Okay? Okay. So I go in there and pick up some cheap electronics supplies and this little junior practice kit type dealie... just bottom barrel tech, but good enough for me to work with... Engineer remember? Pretty sure I mentioned that at some point....

Anyways, when I haven't been on the move lately I've been fiddling around with this junk trying to put together a small mobile device for personal use. I don't have a proper name for it.... so I'm just gonna make one up on the fly I guess.... it's a.... ahhh.... Filter.... Jammer.... yeah, how about that? Filter Jammer. Basically just a handheld device running off a double-A battery that emits an extremely high pitch alternating frequency designed to disrupt local wavelengths and frequencies. It's got a range of... barely a fucking meter probably... I've no way of knowing for sure without testing it on the public and that reeeeeeeeally doesn't seem like a good idea... especially now that I know it- .....uuuggghhh....

I finally gave this thing a little trial run.... Nothing special. I just went about my business as usual, keeping to the crowds and knowing damn well that he'd show up somewhere eventually. Because that's what he does. He just pops up places. He's the Starbucks of the monster world. He's on every gods damned corner. So whatever, I finally notice him as I'm passing through a crowd. So I duck into a corner outside of major traffic, pull out the device, and flick the On switch. Again, I wasn't sure the range, so I just held it up to my ear like I was on a cellphone or something... try to look natural. Then I just kind of kept staring at it.

Three minutes of this... and he started to blur. About five minutes and I started to see shit flailing about that I don't remember seeing a minute ago. By thereabouts the seven minute mark, I don't know what I was looking at anymore and I have no means of accurately describing it to you. All I know is that my mind was SCREAMING AT ME and

...I might have blacked out for a while.

I'm not sure. All I really know is that by the time my vision blinked me back to awareness I was sitting on the ground and it was gone. I used a nearby trash can to pry myself off the ground and promptly threw up in it. I haven't exactly felt well since then.

So... yeah... I may have created a short range device that can override Perception Filters. I thought that would be a good thing.... now I'm not so sure.... It's... going to require more testing... but... I think I'm afraid to use it again. Not... not like that anyways.

Apr 9, 2012

And they said that a Hero can save us...

...I'm not going to stand here and wait.

Yeah, I'm quoting Nickleback. Yeah, I hear they're poked at as being terrible now. Because they got to be popular I guess...? That seems to be the trend, isn't it? It's popular now, so it sucks. I dunno... overplay anything and it'll drive you crazy. Whatever, I still like their music... but that's not the point.

I tend to think back a lot to this concept. This "Hero" we're supposed to be waiting for. Part of me just wants to call bullshit on the whole idea. But that's the part of me that's always depressing, so I try to ignore that side when I can. I... seem to be having to do that a lot lately... umm... right... anyways, the other half still sees some kind of validity to the concept. That there CAN and SHOULD be a Hero. Or perhaps Hero"s".

But this waiting around for one to magically appear bullshit? I can't stand that.

I mean... how are we even supposed to know? How do we pick one runner from the lot and declare that this one guy is The One. He's got it all figured out. He's the one to beat this thing. (Or "She" by the way, I'm just using the masculine term for simplicity here.) Just what the fuck exactly is supposed to set this one person apart from the rest of us? What are we looking for? What's so special about this one guy? Why does he get to be the special one? What the fuck is taking so long for him to appear?

It's all just one big circle jerk of questions with no answers. It's pointless.

The fact of the matter is that no one is special. There is no great and powerful Chosen One coming to save us all. It's just us. We're all we've got. And we're all the same. We're the ones who will have to make that final stand or die trying. Quicker we come to grips with that the better.

Though, I suppose that isn't to say you can't look up to people. You can't look at a person and say "They're the Hero." or at least "They're MY Hero." It's always good to have someone to believe in... though it makes it harder on you when that person falls. Still, worth it while it lasts.

And I guess there is someone I've viewed for a while now as having that potential. That I'd look at and go "That's the Hero. It's Them. Always has been." Not gonna throw out names though. People have big enough targets on their heads without me painting bigger marks on them with fucking "Titles" or some other shit like that. So I'll just say, "Yeah, there's this guy I think could do it." End of story.

But there's one persistent problem. My Hero doesn't fight. He can't fight. And I'm pretty sure I know why. If we're gonna go along the line with this storytelling bullshit, then there's a very important element missing from the Hero equation. In order for the Hero to slay the Dragon... he needs a Sword.

And that's kind of always been our problem. It's not that we don't have anyone willing to stand up and fight. It's that the Hero doesn't have a Weapon...

Apr 4, 2012

I am SO Dumb

So I thought I'd take a nice risk and see what would happen if I ignored "Get Up High" for a few days. I've been following it pretty close for the most part and sleeping in high places thus far, but the last couple days I thought I'd try camping out at ground level and sleeping on park benches. Basically just to prove if there was any merit to the theory or if I could sleep where ever I wanted and it didn't matter because he just wasn't following me that closely at the moment.

So, first couple days? Been going pretty well actually. No problems. No encounters. Everything's been cool.

Granted sleeping on a park bench is no more comfortable than sleeping on a rooftop, so not a lot of change there.

Last night on the other hand....
I knew something was wrong when I woke up in a bed. Because obviously I had not gone to sleep in a bed. So I blink myself awake and lean up to absorb my surroundings. I notice two important things thereabouts immediately. One... I'm naked. Pretty sure I don't remember being naked when I fell asleep. But all my shit is gone so... that's not very reassuring.

Even less reassuring! Two... There is Blood Everywhere.

Like I'd just woken up on the set of Texas Chainsaw Massacre 14 or some shit. The stuff was all over the place. It was dripping down the walls like they were Bleeding. Yet there were no bodies, no apparent source, it was just THERE. In regards to my condition in that moment, "Panic" would be an understatement.

So I slide out of the bed and- 'Squish'

Because of course, it would be pooled up all over the floor too. Not in my happy place. Not in my happy place. Not in my happy place....

So I check under the bed because... I'm a genius like that. Nothing there. Open the closet. Empty. Only bothered to check one of the dresser drawers after I found the same results. Best I can tell from the furniture and the layout, it's a hotel room, which means this door over here should be... a bathroom. A surprisingly spotless and clean bathroom. Save for the big sloppily drawn in red message on the mirror reading "N(X) ESCAPE." Which was, of course, Reeeeally reassuring. As was the realization that the reflection of myself in the mirror had a few things very much in common with the state of the other room. I thought about getting into the shower but I was afraid of what color the water would be so I just grabbed a towel, threw it around my waist and hurried to the other door with the locks and the peephole on it which I assumed to be the exit.

I eased it open and there he was. Just standing there in the hallway, leaned slightly back with his arms held out to greet me. His whole posture looking to me as though he were meaning to shout "Surprise!"

...and then I woke up Underneath the park bench I had originally fallen asleep on.

So I got up, gathered my things, and did what any sane and logical individual would do in that particular situation. I started Running. I didn't really have a destination in mind, it was really more a matter of putting as much distance between that place and myself as physically possible. So I ran and I kept running and I didn't stop running until the sun came up and I promptly collapsed in front of a gas station. Whereupon I was later awoken by an attendant who informed me that I could not sleep there. To which I promptly responded that quite clearly I could as I had just done so. To which he replied that I couldn't do so anymore. To which I contradicted that I was rather certain that I could indeed continue to do so as my previous attempt clearly indicated. But then I remembered I was tired and hungry so I got up anyways and went inside with the man to buy something to eat.

....so now I'm on a rooftop again.
Because fuck you that's why.

Apr 1, 2012

The Only Thing You Need To Remember

There is a dark jungle next to a village. People who went into that jungle didn't come out. One day, a few people with torches went in. They were told not to, but they did it anyway. 

And then they DIED.
The End.

It is a monster, but it has feelings too.