Apr 24, 2012

Holy Fawking Shit

What the hell is this sorcery? Everything looks different and- whatthefu- Blogger actually recognizes that I'm following Mephi, The Last Midnight, and Letters from a Dead Man?? And... Holy Shit Nightscream I can actually see your fucking blog on here. However am I going to cope with not having to remind myself to look for these things now?

I don't even understand this shit.
Blogger? Functioning Correctly?!?
Clearly we have either fallen into Bizarro World or else we really are on the verge of the Apocalypse. There is no other reasonable explanation for this.

Oh hey, The Mystic's showing up now too... god... little LATE there Blogger!
Ugh, whatever... lets see how long this lasts. XP

Edit: Apparently ONE DAY. That's how long it lasted.


  1. Ahahahaha, Blogger is the failperception filter. <3

  2. The thorn in my side known as "Maiden" caused a blogger shutdown once. My running theory is that as a depository for mortal knowledge, Blogger is infinitely susceptible to the whims of cosmic forces.

    That or it's just a messy, messy representation of mortal thinking and knowledge.

    Or maybe technology just hates us?

    Just can't win, eh?


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