Dec 11, 2011

High Concepts

I've read a lot of Big Theories since I started into this. Most of which are heavily flawed, or don't go far enough into detail, or are way too deep into quantum mechanics for a normal person to wrap their head around. So I'm thinking I should take this opportunity to forge a new Theory based on my own Perspective of things. I'm calling it the SMD Theory... the Slender Man Doctrine. This shall serve as my first actual entry into it.

For starters, the Origin of the Construct.
The Origin of the Construct... Doesn't Matter. Because it's already here. Knowing where it came from isn't going to solve any of our problems. But for simplicities sake, I hold to the theory that the Construct has existed since the beginning of our evolution, right alongside everything else. It is a Parasitic Predator which has survived for centuries and has existed and evolved alongside of Man for as long as anyone will ever remember.

So this brings up an important question. Why haven't we noticed it until now?
Well, I hate to go all "Hollywood" on you, but consider for a moment any given modern series which predominantly features Vampires. Supernatural, Sanctuary, Being Human, the World of Darkness and/or Vampire the Masquerade RPGs... basically anything that isn't Twilight and you're good. How did Vampires survive into the modern age in these series? By hiding in plain sight. By producing movies and tv shows about themselves, full of inconsistencies about just how vampires actually work and how they can be killed. Propaganda... Confuse the public, Protect the species. Meanwhile, higher ranking vampires ascend to high positions of power (Governors, Police Chiefs, Lawyers) within human society and use their position to cover up their brethren's suspicious activity.

Now consider the Construct. Hides in plain sight, often invisible to people passing right in front of him. (Perception Filters I assume, but regardless...) Victim reports are full of inconsistencies, sometimes something works against him, other times it doesn't. And now consider Proxies. Loyal human minions easily capable of working invisibly within human society to cover up their master's dirty work. The religious cults that once ritualistically fed him are merely the tip of the iceberg. Isn't it funny how well organized Proxies are by comparison to the rest of us? That's because they've been doing it longer. Longer, as in, since the dawn of recorded history.

But that isn't to say it has gone completely undetected for centuries. Obviously he had to gain his Proxies somehow. So there's your starting point. People were encountering it and surviving. Fact confirmed. So just as we have Proxies today, we must have also had Runners and Fighters. Turning to Vampire lore again, there is pretty much always a Van Helsing. A Hunter. But either to keep from being locked away as a crazy person or simply to keep their friends and family from becoming involved, these individuals kept their knowledge of and their fight against the Construct a secret. It's entirely possible, that like now, there have even existed communities of Runners that fought collectively against the Construct. The only difference between then and now is that THEY didn't have the internet... and WE do. Communication and distribution of information is much easier in the digital age, as is finding like-minded people willing to believe you.

So I believe that not only has the Construct existed and been active for some time, but also that we've been fighting it for just about as long. The knowledge and history of these facts has simply been carefully buried, either to protect or cover up that knowledge.

I'll pause there for now, since I think I'd have to go on to another topic to continue and I don't want to make this too long of a post. It's a start though... I'll add more entries to the Doctrine as I see fit. Till then...


  1. While it is a good idea to keep your mind open, I wouldn't go overboard in thinking vampires and the like are real, though Slendy does open the possibility for the supernatural.

    I have my own theory to its origin, it involves another Eldritch Abomination that may make Slender Man look like small fry.

  2. Oh, no no. XD
    I didn't mean to suggest Vampires are real. XD I was just using that mythos to draw some relevant parallels to support my "the Construct has been around forever" theory. I find making references to "popular" things makes explaining certain things easier if a person has an established frame of reference to fall back upon.

    For the other bit, certainly feel free to develop your own theories. I operate under the flawless logical standpoint of "I could be wrong." Though if you're talking about something one would categorize as an "Eldritch Abomination" then I'm not certain if you can really classify anything in That particular vein as a "small fry." ^.^;

  3. I'm just going to say fuck it and start singing campfire songs, and hope the stories don't wind up being real when we're done singing...

    (Don't hold your breath)

    But.. um.. fuck it. I lost my train of thought.


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