Dec 25, 2011

Happy Holidays, Perhaps?

Yeah, so... Merry Christmas and all that jazz... hopefully you're in a position where you can enjoy it. At least a little bit...

Oddly, this wouldn't be the worst holiday season I've ever had... thankful for that much I guess. Or something. Things seem relatively sane here for the moment, so provided my headache ever dies back down, I should be fine.

Anyways, think I'm gonna lie low for a bit and try to take my mind off of things. Need a breather after that mess the other night to get my head straight.

Luckily, I think Steam should be able to keep me busy and occupied for quite a while, provided my wifi holds out. Thank god for Paypal and credit card fraud.

Unless something comes up, I'll see you again sometime after New Years. Will try to have more content prepped by then. In the meantime, stay safe everybody.


  1. Oh my, look at you, such a strong and moral potential leader of those fighting the monster, stealing credit cards and using them to buy video games. I'm sure you have some excuse, like you stole it off a rich guy or no one will get hurt because they're little purchases. It's still pathetic either way.

  2. First of all, I ran out of books.

    Secondly, I didn't "steal" anything. Such a thing is not within my present capacity. I just fill out the applications online and go to town with them to handle my few minor expenditures(like keeping the water and the power on). Given I can't work, paying off debts by making more debts is all I can do. This way, the only people I'm really hurting, if I'm hurting anyone at all, is the banks... and if this was a problem for them, then they'd stop letting me have more credit cards.

    Thirdly, sarcastic bits aside, you think I stand as a potential leader in all of this? Heh, heh, heh... ahhh, my... now there is a dangerous thought...

  3. Merry late Christmas, Gargoyle. :)

  4. ...He who is as hated as the Proxies themselves posing as a potential Leader? Right. Of course. Why didn't I think of that? You may have competition for the job with Rhodes, however. He's quite the charmer.

    Heh. Hope you had some garland tucked away to decorate your hole, my little friend. A Merry Christmas too you.

  5. Yeah, because when the banks make a loss, they definitely don't pass it on to the people in the lowest bracket. They always take the hit themselves. Obviously.

    (Honestly can't believe I'm agreeing with Easton here, but that's how things go, I guess.)

  6. Agreeing with R. Easton may be a crime greater than credit card fraud.

  7. Merry Christmas indeed, and a happy new year. While you ovbiously didn't realize you would be down there so long, hopefully you have something to make your suroundings a little more festive.

    See you around
    - Cage

  8. I'm just kind of in awe that I'm dealing with people who kill, steal, kidnap, and break into places... and they still have time to worry about the effect I'm having on the global economy.

    I mean... really? ^.^;; Don't you need to be running from that thing peering over your shoulder?

  9. Well, it's good at least to hear that you get out of your hole in the ground from time to time. While your fortified bunker may (and I stress may, I've seen no evidence that He couldn't get in if he wanted) be an excellent and highly defensible base you need contact with people who aren't just names on a screen. Even I occasionally deal with people in a non-stabbing capacity.

    You know that tall dark and tentacley isn't the only threat out there. You've encountered at least one of the other threats (possibly a second, we still don't know what caused you to become so sick in November). You do not need to see what alienation brings.

    On my blog I made a list of items helpful to a Runner. Many of them should still be useful to a hide-in-a-hole-in-the-grounder you may wish to make sure you're not missing anything from it next time you go to town with one of your fraudulent credit cards.

  10. I'm not sure what part of this gave you the impression I've been outside lately... ^.^; Sadly not the case... In fact, I could reason part of my problem back in November WAS the alienation I was suffering from. I'm used to living on my own, but there is definitely a huge difference between not having roommates and never going outside. I would welcome relief from this particular form of hell... running almost sounds easier by compare to the isolation I put up with. I've learned to manage it, but "managing it" is basically all I'm doing.

    And yes, I'm aware of some of the other creatures, but the time I have to study them is pretty limited. I'm trying to keep myself focused on one monster at a time. I know enough to look for signs though...

    And I did check that list the other day... don't think I commented there specifically though. It's a good list though. I approve. Used to watch a lot of Patrolling with Sean Kennedy back during one of my rebellious phases, so I think I've got a good idea of how to handle urban survival and what gear to look for if I ever get out of here. But given that was just a phase and I wasn't really expecting this whole hiding underground from a mythical creature bit, I can't say I'm quite as well equipped at the moment as I would prefer to be.

    In any event, thanks for the advice.

  11. Late, but here it is: Merry Christmas


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