Dec 13, 2011

Masked Murderers

Hmm, I'm surprised how the new youtube can be even more ass than the old youtube. But then again, it's youtube, so maybe that shouldn't surprise me. Anyways, between agonizing loading times, I was catching up on some of the vlogs I'd missed updates to or just hadn't watched yet. Between watching those and some other recent occurrences, it sparked a thought a bit deeper than my rambled musings of the other day.

See, there's one thing I've never quite understood. Perhaps one of you could enlighten me, assuming you understand it yourself that is. And by "you" in this instance I mean "you Proxies."

Why do you kill people?

No. Really. This is a serious question. I don't understand it. It doesn't follow in my mind. I'll explain...

So basically, you're working for this parasitic monster that eats people. Sort of. I guess? Maybe he just tears people apart for fun. Whatever. He stalks people and toys with people before finally moving in for the grand old "Snatch and Grab" finale. His whole existence is based around this. Stalking, tormenting, and taking. So why in the high hellish fuck would he want you offing his prey? Breaking his toys? What purpose do his victims serve to him dead? Doesn't that defeat the entire purpose?

I mean, I still see why you're useful... You can track through more conventional means, you understand the human psyche better, and you can see through all the clever ploys we use to fool the Construct. You're a Proxy. A human element which the Construct uses to his advantage to further his goals. A further extension of his many elongated "arms." As such, I can understand why he might use you to stalk, impede, and torment his victims. Perhaps disable them somewhat so that it's harder for them to run. That's all part of the game. But why have you kill? The bastard seems to go to an awful lot of trouble to break victims down enough that he can take them willingly and ALIVE, so why then would he allow you to steal the spotlight from him at the end of the game? Does he even take the dead bodies of those you kill?

But maybe it doesn't matter. Maybe he doesn't need his victims alive. Food is food, right? Still, I have a hard time buying it. I'm inclined to call it an instance of miscommunication between servant and master. With the deranged human Proxy simply taking it upon him/herself and/or their own baser instincts to eliminate a perceived threat. And the Construct just doesn't care. He still gets his food, so what does it matter? Or maybe it's just another one of his games...

I'm still uncertain of the Construct's level of intelligence, but the idea of a predator enslaving other creatures and then forcing them to kill each other for his own amusement is just... the least likely thing in the world for a predator to do. I mean, even WE don't do that... well, okay, not since the age of the Gladiator anyways. But that's still different. We weren't eating the gladiator's who fell in battle. The lions maybe... but... yeah, tangent. Let me back up.

The point of the matter is "Why?" Do you even know why? I mean, I assume a lot of you don't care, but of those that do then certainly you've at least considered the situation. Why does he make you do it? What is he getting out of it?


  1. I can tell you that I haven't just taken it upon myself to hunt down random runners. What I've done has mostly been with his direct guidance. The only exception has been due to revenge.

    He won't tell me why. But there are a few things he's not telling me right now.

    In some cases, I could suppose that it's to send a message to those he wants to keep alive. Imagine coming home to find someone you love, butchered in a way only a fellow human could... but that's just a guess.

    Also, I'd like to point out that I don't think of myself as a slave. I chose to work for him.

  2. You're assuming that Slender Man is a predator which hunts people because he needs to. Which, on account of things like this, is an argument I've never found that compelling.

    I just think he likes fucking with us.

  3. @Wolf, You're never given me the vibe of being someone who'd kill people for fun of your own choice. The Construct guiding your actions is still odd though... if only because I don't understand WHY he does that. I guess it's partially a matter of just where his intelligence level actually lies... which is another thing I can never quite figure out...

    Oh, and I know... I'm pretty sure all of you, realistically, do it by choice. I just wish you had more of a choice.

    @Omega, Sooo... like a cat toying with a mouse for the hell of it, killing it, then not even eating it?

    ...Nature is so fucked up.

  4. Heh, and what makes you think any of this is natural? People kill, it happens, murder is as old as history. There have been plenty of people who have killed dozens of people for no other reason than that they could, and without influnce from our tall freind, either (probably, though wouldn't it be fun to one day discover that every serial killer in history was tied to him somehow, I'd love to see that). Besides, in case you haven't noticed, there is a war going on right now, and soldiers do as they are told. Admiditadly all of the soldiers on his side are either brainwashed or volunteers, and all the soldiers apposing him have no one leader or orginization, but it's a war all the same. Oh, well, I guess I'll go back to being Switizerland, now, have a pleasent evening my underground friend.

    See you around

  5. Whether you believe He is a "simple" predator or a Master Puppeteer turning us against either other for His own amusement (or for some Great Game/Plan), it matters not.

    Why we do what we do is a rather simple thing. You said it yourself in a previous post.

    "And now consider Proxies. Loyal human minions easily capable of working invisibly within human society to cover up their master's dirty work. The religious cults that once ritualistically fed him are merely the tip of the iceberg. Isn't it funny how well organized Proxies are by comparison to the rest of us? That's because they've been doing it longer. Longer, as in, since the dawn of recorded history."

    We do not take His targets, little Brooklyn. We take His leftovers. The Rejects. The ones that He lost interest in. People whom He had been Following, but for one reason or another had moved on from. These people are... somewhat torn, if you will, between two worlds. The Knowing and the Blissful Ignorant. They have Seen Him. They have been Stalked by Him. Changed by Him. Their sanity pushed to the edge of shattering, if it not already was.

    That would be part of the irony of it. Since they have somehow dropped from His sight - true survivors to tell their horrific tale - they then fall right into our hands to be Eliminated. In need of being silenced... and forgotten, in time.

    Perhaps... they didn't make it amusing enough for Him.

    Perhaps there is... some manner of requirement His prey must meet.

    I do not know.

    And I certainly am not going to question Him to find out.

    However, if you so desire, you are more than welcome to try questioning Him yourself.

  6. El Angel guided me to Senor Morningstar, and he tells me I must kill. I do not question Him any more than you question whatever you call God.

    It is enough for me that I serve the One True God.

  7. Well haven't you been busy?

    Though I do have to thank you for bringing up these little discussions. They certainly are good for passing the time between assignments. (Incidentally, "Joseph" is not my real name nor my title. I loath both, though the name Joseph is marginally more tolerable, hence the quotations.)

    I know in my case, all my assignments come from those of higher rank than me. I do not ask "Why" or "how" because, really, I don't want to die.

    You're making an assumption (or I am assuming you are making an assumption, which probably makes me much more of an idiot that I'd like to admit) that we're all the same, when that's simply not the case. Some of us are more... talented than others. Maybe it is all a fabrication, maybe the Leader himself isn't the one...

    I digress.

    I kill because I don't want to be killed. It's wholly selfish and completely human.

    Though perhaps He takes some sort of pleasure in watching us hunt, driving a person beyond the edge of fear and desperation. Perhaps that is his motivation; after all, an unfamiliar threat can be rationalized and denied, but the human threat of violence is something that is very real indeed.

  8. @Cage, I suppose I believe it to be "natural" because at this point who are any of us to know what is "unnatural?" The line has gotten kind of vague lately...

    But I was mostly just questioning why the Construct has people do the killing for him. I'm well aware that we're already a pretty violent and murderous bunch. I guess I'm just trying to put together how we became the Saiyens working for Frieza.

    ...and the Runners could really use a leader huh? Too bad all the people we might look to to do that either don't seem interested or are dead. Or are some kind of Jack Harkness...

    @Nightscream, as far as an overall theory goes, I think I'm liking your explanation the best. It's making the most gears turn anyways. It's all still speculation, but so is anything else I've ever said so... I guess we keeping living with speculation until proven otherwise.

    And if it were possible for me to maintain some symbolance of composure for long enough and you think he would answer me with something other than the sound of me splitting in half, then I might think about asking him directly like that... XP

    @Recluse, the term I would use for God would probably be "a figment of your imagination" ^.^; Soooo... probably not the best example to use with me... but I get your point.

    @"Joseph", I don't really have anyplace to be, soooo... yeah, I suppose updating this is one of the few points of interest in my day, so I update every other day or so it seems... I guess you can call that "busy."

    You raise a pretty valid point for why you personally kill though. It's something I've been begrudgingly trying to accept lately, that your survival depends on the deaths of others, and though I don't really like that, I'd still typically rather see you survive... So it becomes a matter of "Do what you have to do" I guess.

    I've been wondering if maybe there was a way you could sabotage your own missions without getting caught, that way you get points for trying and nobody has to die... for a little while at least. But then there's the bit where they might kill you anyways for failing so often... maybe there's a balance you could find in there somewhere but... fuck it'd be risky. There is really just not a good solution at all to this mess, is there?

  9. Heh, fair enough.

    And the hunted don't just need a leader, any kind of structer would benifit you guys at this point. A few have poped up here and there, but never anything big or unifing. I suspect that any attempt at self sabatouge wouldn't end well, and wouldn't make much of a diffrence in the long run anyways, but I'm not out there killing people, so whatdo I know.

    See you around

  10. The most wise "speculation" you can make at this point is that M was wrong and that He is much more than a being moving through the motions of His existence on instinct alone. That He knows more. Understands more. Plans more. Than any of us would care to admit.

    Makes that hole of yours seem like not such a good idea, doesn't it? But, I digress...

    Oh, yes, I'm CERTAIN He would be more than willing to sit and have a chat with you. Have some coffee. Get all caught up on the local gossip. Compare feelings on what it is like to be truly alone.

    Good times.

  11. Belive me, that's not a conversation you really want to have with him, I swear he almost decapitated me. Then again, that was at a more... starianed period in our relationship. Now I rarely get more than a stare out of him if I say something he doesn't like.

    See you around

  12. Oh my dear Mouse, does that mean you’d like to come visit me when you finally decide to come out of your burrow?

    It’s funny you should say that, when the reason I started willingly working for Ritter was to gain his help in murdering those who hurt me… As I said, he did not guide me to do that. He just helped.

    On the subject of vibes, oddly enough, I think that in some ways, I’m a lot nicer to be around since I’ve started killing. I’m a lot more honest with myself, I feel more at peace and (despite being physically trapped) I feel freer than before… Certainly more than when those who hurt me were alive. This allows me to relax a little, to laugh more and in general to enjoy my life for however long it lasts. Thus, I think I probably make for a lot better company than I did before. Also, it’s amazingly easy to get over social awkwardness around people after you’ve killed a few of them. Heh… Perspective is key, right?

    Back to the main point, if you are supposing that I would not kill anyone if he set me loose in a town somewhere and left me completely to my own devices…. I wouldn’t be too sure about that. This is a part of who I am. Previous to all of this, that part of me was kept in check by the belief that I could not do anything about my situation. Since that belief was broken and since I got my first taste of blood, that part of me has been freed. I can obviously still control it, but the want is much stronger, especially since my little adventure with Ritter… It’s sort of like being addicted to something; you don’t/can’t always feed that urge, but it gets worse the longer you leave it

  13. @Cage, structure would be lovely... I wonder if we could nudge the Sages into some of that kind of work? That's kind of their job anyways, isn't it? It used to be...

    @Nightscream, ahh, there's one we get to disagree on. If M were totally and completely wrong... he wouldn't be the longest living Runner. At least something he's saying has some truth to it, even if it only works from his Perspectives.

    And if I were to work by Morningstar Theory, that the Construct sees, hears, and knows everything through his Proxies(hivemind bullshit basically), then that means he knows I'm out here and that certainly sucks but... None of you know where I am, so as long as I'm staying put in my hole, then I'm at least making the Master of Hide and Seek work for it if he's really interested in me... so I guess it's still working out well enough. But maybe I'll get lucky and he's not interested and one of you guys can give it a shot. That'll be more fun for everyone, right?

    @Wolf, Haa... okay, so maybe I'm bad at "vibes." Self-noted. Clearly still not paying enough attention. Glad I'm still in a hole.

    But I will consider this offer provided we remain a few steps outside of stabbing range... and your employer isn't around.

    Yes. Perspective is Key. >:3

    Like a drug huh... maybe I should add that to my Sigma Theory... or not... that could just be... okay I don't know what that could be. Nevermind! ^.^;

  14. Always such the extremist, aren't you? I did not say M was "completely wrong." I said he was simply "wrong" concerning his views on our Father being easily confused by such simple things as height difference. In this day and age, are we really going to argue that He doesn't know what a building is? I think not.

    The one thing I do believe HAS helped M? Not staying still. Like how you are. But, to each their own.

    What should help you, however, is that He normally stalks from afar for quite a while. In your situation, that is, obviously, rather difficult. It's... as though you've set a challenge for Him. I'm almost curious as to how... creative He might become just to play the Game you yourself began.

    As for the "Morningstar Theory"... well, we are connected to Him, and He to us, but I wouldn't go so far as to say we are walking camcorders for His viewing pleasure. I prefer to think of it... like a spiderweb. He is the center. And We are each of the cross-over points between outward lines and encasing circles. Through the threads, we can feel Him and each other, and He can influence His will to us. I would think He knows where we are. How we are fairing. Though I would doubt He would know what exactly we are doing unless He took specific interest. Then again, I'm not entirely sure. Maybe He's watching me write these words.

    Almost makes me want to end this in binary.


  15. I seem to take my guesstimations to the extremes more often than not don't I? Siiigh, another thing to work on...

    I'm not entirely sure what I would say the Construct perceives a building as. Certainly as a structure that houses people, but beyond that I couldn't say. As an alternative theory, maybe he's just afraid of heights? However, I do think buildings are still something of a mystery to him... I imagine the Path as being a more natural landscape, correct? Which would make a building something of a foreign object in that world. An obstacle that he has trouble navigating around. I'm thinking that's why he usually spends so much time stalking around outside of people's homes before coming inside... because he's trying to figure out how to actually get inside the box. By that logic, perhaps higher floors becoming increasingly difficult to traverse? Kind of extreme speculation here, but it's something.

    And... man... I really don't know. Cause I see a lot of people who chill out in one place and never move and they're doing just fine. Er, relatively speaking... shit certainly got worse, but they're still alive.

    And that is, once again, very interesting theory on the matter of his connection to you. I'll have to ponder over that one. Thanks for the insight. ^.^

  16. Hmm? what were you starting to say there dear? Please do tell. I enjoy hearing your theories.

  17. I have never used the Path. Nor do I plan to. Plane, car, bus, or train suit me fine. So, for that, I can't say.

    Your theory is an interesting one. I simply have difficulty believing that something that toys with minds like I have witnessed Him do is stumped by something as commonplace as a building. You would think after all the Runners and Fighters He's confronted, He'd have it down to an art by now.

    Still, it is all food for thought, I suppose.

  18. Somewhere in South America (I forget the exact location) there is a tribe of natives who use a system of measurment unlike anything else in the world. The thing is, once you learn how to use a decimial system these measurments don't make any since at all. They still work, but becuse so few people have the lack of education nessacary to understand it this system of measuring things is dying. The point is, it works, but only in a capacity much smaller than the decimal system, and it is so diffrent that those who subscribe to the better version can't even comprehend how it works. Is it so difficult to belive the construct is so much more ahead of us that things we take for granted confuse him by being to simple and pointless.

    Actually, I belive he just likes watching from a distance bfore getting more involved, I'm just pointing out the possibility of bith your theories holding equal merit, he could be smart (and is, for the record) but still be confused by simple things.

    See you around

  19. Like the how in Stargate SG-1 the Asgard had such ridiculously awesome laser weapons that the idea of shooting bullets at their problem never crossed their minds?

    Or how Marvel's Thor is all mighty and knowledgeable about his magical stuff, but can't comprehend simple technology at all?

    Yeah... I can see something like that being the case. XD

  20. Hole in the ground.

    Screamer, oh baby, scream for me. Or make up more good ways of saying people are being stupid.

    I love hearing those. <3


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