Dec 12, 2011

Little Observations, while I wait...

I wonder how long I'll really last down here...? It's not like running out of food is my only potential concern.

I wonder how long I can keep my name bolded on this List.

I wonder if anything I say or do will really have an impact, or if I'll just be forgotten... and which outcome will be more beneficial? which more dangerous?

I wonder why everyone wants to be The Riddler? All these puzzles and not a single Batman to solve them. Who are you even trying to impress? you think the Constuct can even comprehend some of our bullshit or do you think it flies right over his head too?

I wonder how many times they can say "Hang in there" or "I'm sorry" to everyone they know before they're crushed under the wait of their helplessness?

I wonder who that "fucker" was that "had it coming?" I hope it was BEN.

I wonder which one of those two are LYING... and which one just can't SEE. I wonder if it matters?

I wonder why he's making the Proxies fight each other... I wonder why the Proxies put up with that shit?

I wonder if I'll ever have to legitimately choose a side? I wonder if I realistically already have...

I wonder if That Man is really coming back... and where his story might take us?

If the Proxies had an Ego Contest, I wonder who would win?

If the Runners had an Ego Contest... wait, is A still alive? Okay, nevermind.


  1. I have wondered so many of those very things, and I've been a bit concerned with some of the possible answers. The ones I'm most sure about are the ones I most need to be wrong, the ones where I have no idea I'd gladly take any answer, and the ones in the middle just really don't matter. I could totally win an ego contest, by the way, I'd just have to know I was competing up front, heh.

    See you around

  2. Hope you have some Advil handy in that little cell of yours.

    Have you started to wonder if the walls are getting closer around you yet?

  3. Advil we have got... though there is less of it than I remember there being. This is upsetting. People are going to have to stop giving me stupidity headaches.

    The walls are still where they were though. I'm pretty sure I'd have noticed that... given I've only got one room and I'm staring at it for most of the day.

  4. Oooh, wow... and I'm going to start seeing things now that that idea is in my head, aren't I? Thaaaaaanks for that.

  5. Well, if you see any new Doors *DON'T OPEN THEM*. Whats behind will make a Loop look like a fucking picnic in the park.


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