Dec 9, 2011

Things that go Bump in the Daylight

Well, while we’re touching on things I don’t understand very well and would rather not think about, time to get another goodie out of the way...

Put bluntly, “Monsters Are Real.”

Obviously we’re all good buddy buddies with the Construct by now, so we know he’s out there, staring in our windows at us. So why should it really be all that surprising that there are Other Things out there as well?

I mean, I’ve certainly tried to deny that claim for a while now too. Especially while going over Nicky Sage’s blog. He throws around talk of demons and other worlds like candy at a parade. But given that he’s one of the few people to really take things that far, I like to pretend that he’s crazy and doesn’t know what he’s talking about.

Unfortunately, the more you dig into this mess, the more you have to admit, his stories may hold more weight than most of us would like to imagine.

First there was Zero’s “Bleeding Tree.” Then the unusual creature which appeared in the EverymanHYBRID videos... the uhhh... the “Garden Hoe” right? Isn’t that what Vince called it? And though I could call them proxies, there’s whatever the hell HABIT and the Observer, from EMH and Tribe Twelve respectively, are. The further you dive down the rabbit hole, the creepier it gets. I don’t even want to talk about some of the shit I read about on Joey Steward’s blog.

I don’t think we’ll be able to ignore it all forever. That “Veil” Nick keeps talking about is bound to come down sooner or later. My only hope is that if it does, humanity will finally be able to work together as a united collective to fight these monsters off and reclaim our once peaceful world. That’s being extremely positive on the subject, but best to approach these things in as high spirits as possible, least the news crush you under it’s weight.

I can only really spend so much time researching how to fight these things though, so I’m gonna stay focused on the Construct. One thing at a time. Figure out how to actually kill one monster before you start going after others. I’m mostly just bringing this up to make sure that people are aware of the lurking dangers and to make one minor point that I’ll expand upon later. That being that these things are out there. They’ve ALWAYS been out there. We didn’t “think” them all into existence. They’ve been around for as long as stories about ancient beasts and mythical creatures have existed. Maybe even longer...

...but we’ve survived them for centuries. And we can continue to do so.

Perception is Key.


  1. Hello agian, looks like you've been busy. Yes, honestly been a bit nervous about these other creatures ever since I found out about them, but I figure if I ever come in contact with them I'll deal with it then. I like your new sign-off by the way, it's very apt.

    See you around

  2. Well, I don't know if I'd call sitting around on my ass all day "busy" but... I'm keeping up with my research, certainly. XD

  3. True, monsters are real.

    Though, that being said... the sickest, most despicable of which still appear to be Humans themselves.

    You're quite lucky to be stuck in a hole in the ground. Shouldn't have to concern yourself too much about receiving a blade buried into your spinal cord by your company while you focus too keenly on moving shadows on the wall. Cheers.

  4. I cannot say I
    have not seen
    monsters. But
    they have all
    been human.

    What I have felt
    however since I was
    brought here is another
    story all together.

  5. Humanity does indeed have the ability to endure much. We're sort of like cockroaches in that respect

  6. Huuuuh... it is really sad how trueful that seems...

  7. Fairy tales exist not to tell us that the monsters from our nightmares are real, but that they can be endured and survived. We should all take a lesson from the fucking fairy tales and learn to find a goddamn happily ever after for once. And yes. I am aware of the trope Earn Your Happily Ever After. But goddamnit, we've been overusing Evil Only Has to Win Once way too fucking much.

    Somebody, quick, get married and BE HAPP
    Y with them. Pop out some kids. Fuck like bunnies and FUCKING SMILE. Maybe, maybe, we'll remember the difference between living and existing.

    And I just realized how far off topic I got. I'm so fucking sorry. I think. Maybe.


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