Dec 2, 2011

FYI - Blogger Hates Me

Not that this surprises me. At my current rate of progression, I imagine I'll be carrying the Title of "Lightning Rod of Hate" within a few short weeks time.

It's funny actually. I found myself coming into this mess thinking that it would be rather simple to make friends with all of the other Runners. Instead, I seem to be having a generally better time making friends with the Proxies. Weird how that works out.

Anyways, I was gonna babble on about myself or something for a bit, but I noted some comments and I don't know how well people keep up with those things so I thought I'd just make a new entry and respond to em here where the whole damn world can see it much more easily. And yeah, I'm basically going to wind up ranting here again, but at least I'm being pretty calm about it and hey, Drama! Lets see who I can get pissed off at me today! Wheeeee!!

Sooo... Lemme just copy this over for context,
Spencer:  "All I see is the ramblings of small fry. Elaine's a big girl, Shaun, she can defend herself. Though I suggest you watch it, Gargoyle; rubbing people's noses into the ground tends not to work out for the person doing the rubbing, hm?"

Now, I'll not comment much on that first bit because I promised to shut up about it and I'd like to at least "Pretend" to be a man of my word. I will however note that I do believe most people are strong enough to fight their own battles though. If they needed help, they'd ask for it (probably). So, yeah, sure, Agreed.

To the rest however... ahhh... just feels like you're making a jab at me and I was just stating my mind on something that I'd have thought would have amounted to the most obvious conclusion to come to in regards to such matters. Maybe it's a lack of emotional attachment on my part? I don't know. Whatever. Let me back up and get to the point.

I'm pretty sure that was one of your increasingly famous "Idle Threats" wasn't it Spencer? Watch my mouth, else some people (like, I dunno, you?) are going to take offense and let me have it. It's not the first time you've left me a long comment that basically amounts to "Shut up, Asshole." And I'm just going to be very clear here in saying... "No."

I realize we're all in a tough situation and we should be doing more to work together and not be at one another's throats and yada yada, don't make a bad situation worse... But if I see somebody do something reckless and stupid, no matter who it is, I'm gonna them out on it. I have my own opinions, just like everyone else. If my opinion conflicts with yours, then big deal. We don't see eye to eye. Telling me to step off isn't going to change my mind OR shut me up. There are new people coming into this mess every day and I want any of them that find their way to me to be able to see when something is a Bad Idea. I'm not gonna sugar-coat it with happy thoughts and pretend it wasn't such a big deal. It was a Big Deal and a good half of you are just blowing it off out of emotional attachment. Not smart in my opinion. So I'm gonna say so and hope to god more people believe Me than believe You.

Secondly, who the fuck are you to be making threats of any kind anyways? Yeah, sure, you're some big badass or whatever, but all I ever see you do is TALK. What's your most recent claim to fame, huh? Lets see... Failing to rescue Luke... Failing to rescue the 23 Seconds kids... Failing to rescue Hope... Sorry, have I missed something here? Do I need to read back a bit further? You don't seem to be accomplishing a whole lot that I can see, but you still want to talk really big. It's no wonder all the nastier Proxies are so casual and at ease about taunting you... look at your track recod... you're an Empty Threat. There are Dead People I'm more intimidated by than You.

Talk about wasted potential... slap yourself out of Stupid Town and man up already. You're boring me.

Okay, done with that one. Round two, topic title part.
I wasn't going to bring this up because it's lame and uninterested, but now that you mention that Nick I think it's worth babbling over. You said that Blogger wasn't updating you on my blog posts? Something like that? Yeah, that doesn't surprise me. I'm of the impression that Blogger is either a broken piece of shit or it just hates me specifically.

Like, the first ten or so blogs I followed? I'm pretty sure if you click my profile now you're only gonna see that first set. I've watched several more since then, but it only seems to want to acknowledge that first set. It refuses to change.

On my dashboard, similar story... only shows updates to those first blogs. I have to refresh like a dozen times before it decides to remember I was watching other blogs and show them on the list. Similarly, it says I have 19 followers, but if I click to view them, it switches to the new screen and tells me I have seven and only shows those seven. If I refresh enough times, it will eventually admit that I have 18 and show them. Never the 19th though. If I want to know who that is, then I'll have to wait for someone else to start following me, because that's the only thing that been fixing it(before, it would say 17 and only show 16, 18 and 17, now 19 and 18... it's ridiculous).

So if blogger is say, not posting my most recent update until I make ANOTHER update... then that does not even fucking surprise me. I'm not familiar with this website so maybe that's just some problem it's known for. You tell me. In the meantime I'm going to assume that either it or "something else" is intentionally fucking with me out of some sort of karmic virtual spite.

In regards to the other bit, Nick, I'd just like to say that I don't think you're "completely insane" nor do I believe you are "entirely wrong" about things. Rather I believe you are "somewhat insane" and "hopefully wrong" about things. XD But I'll touch on all that magic business you do a bit later. I've got a few thoughts on the matter, but I think I'll keep it brief because I'm no expert on the type of things that you deal with. I will gladly leave those things in your clearly capable hands. Godspeed, good sir, godspeed.


  1. If it helps, Blogger actually told me about this post twice, and I also appear to have one more follower than my actual blog shows. It's probably referancing people who stopped following you, or anonymous followers.

    And with you associating so well with the proxies (and whatever the heck I am) perhapes you should consider joining the dark side MUAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA.........

    O.k. I'm done. Seriously though, I', sure you'll be just fine, relationships tend to take a long enough while to build at the best of times (read as: not right now). And I mostly agree with you about Elaine, but I'm not invested, so it probably doesn't bother me as much.

    See you around

  2. Hmm... That one might have been an accident, which we shall pretend Did Not Happen. <.<;

    I'm inclined to consider it. Somehow I imagine if I suddenly were to become a Proxy everyone would suddenly "Care" and want to "Rescue" me. Runners are an odd lot...

  3. Nope, I'm pretty sure no one would fucking care. And to be honest, I'm starting to be convinced you're already a fucking proxy. Going out of your way to make personal attacks on those of us who are fucking hurting?
    That's not pointing out something is a bad fucking idea, that's being a dick. And something a proxy would do, to try to weaken the ranks of the runners.
    You're right, you do get along better with the proxies-and honestly, I've known rapists with more tact than you.
    Either you're completely retarded, or you're doing this on purpose because you enjoy watching others suffer.

    1. Late to the party reply.....

      Maybe you wpuldnt have been hurting if you didn't make a deal with a proxy?

  4. Gargoyle- Doesn't surprise me much about getting along with proxies. Some of us are genuinely nice people and some are at least nice online. I think some of us have the added benefit of enjoying what we do thus making us more easygoing in general. However, you'll do well to remember that, whether proxy or runner, friendliness online does not always translate to the same when face to face

    Elaine- Heh funny you should mention thinking Gargoyle is a proxy as I had the same thought about you... You always do seem to so conveniently escape... and rapists with more tact.. you mean David, the proxy you were selling people out to? Fine work indeed my dear.
    Also, don't whine when someone points out your mistakes. It just makes you look weak and childish

  5. Elaine. Stop "helping" us by acting like a fucking bitch about it. Maybe if you stopped playing at being perfect you wouldn't get so butthurt. Act like that, and he's far more likely to become a proxy. Is that what you want?


  6. The Mad Ventriloquist is sad that Gargoyle has no runner friends. The Mad Ventriloquist has lots of runner friends, though he's not sure how. He was afraid that they'd not like him since he sort of has a body count. But people don't mind that very much here. He thinks it's because everybody kills somebody at one point or another. Which is really sad. But also true.

    Though he thinks that Gargoyle's real problem is that he is very very judgy. Which isn't a real problem usually he guesses, but with a lot of people in life or death situations, The Mad Ventriloquist can see why they might get annoyed.

    Like, if a man in a hole told The Mad Ventriloquist that he was acting wrong, he would be confused. Then he might laugh a bit. Because the man is in a hole.

    Everybody does what they think is best when they are in a hard situation. It is not always the best idea, but it is really hard to think when someone is bleeding out or vomiting or getting man in business suit related amnesia. So someone else critiquing their survival style is probably not helping.

    And he is really sorry to bring this up again, but Gargoyle is in fact burying himself in the ground.

  7. I quite like you, Gargoyle. Ignore the idiots. They're idealistic fools and little else. Though your predicament amuses me to no end, your thought process is respectable. Keep smiling!

    @Elaine. Listen carefully. Not everyone. You dislike. Is a Proxy. Otherwise there would be no Runners. And without Runners, job security would be a trace problematic for us, yes?

    @Venny, whoever lands up killing you is going to have an angry mob to deal with. It'll be quite funny actually.

  8. Hey, Gargsy. I would like to make a request. Could you stop DOING OUR GODDAMN JOB FOR US. We are the ones that are supposed to BREAK THE WILL OF THE RUNNERS and INTRODUCE STRIFE WITHIN THEIR RANKS. We don't need Runners doing that for us. It gets confusing and suddenly you don't know who is on what side.
    Although I have to ask. How old are you? You sound like one of those crotchety old men, sitting on their front porch whining about the younger generation and how they are going to be the end of the world and... Is this hitting close to home for you? Just want to know what we are dealing with here.

  9. I make a joke and go away for 10 hours only to come back and find that you're all but being recruited. This is one of the most hystircial things I have seen in a long time. I'm actually a little concerned that I'm going to be kicked out of this library for laughing so loudly. Thank-you, runners, proxies, and Gargoyle, for brightening my day.

    See you around

  10. See? They like me. It's Weird.

    Ahem! Lets see here now, who needs a response...?
    @KnitWolf, Yes, this is why I'm staying in my hole for the time being. Many of you are quite fun to chat with, but I certainly would worry for my safety in the presence of any one of you. No offense.

    @TMV, insightful as always. I must admit, I am a bit ahh... "preachy?" I think it's just part of my personality though. I rode that whole angry youth thing pretty hard for a while and I still tend to be awfully ranty. All in all, I guess I'm still pretty judgmental of people. That's just who I am though... it's not something I can exactly suppress.

    But I am also, most certainly, nothing more than a funny little man in a hole. So unless my words are hitting home to some kind of "truth" then I don't see why anyone would have reason to be too upset with me. I'm just talking. That's all I can really do. Because I'm in a hole.

    And I do think I have maybe one runner friend... maybe...? ^.^; I'll get back to you on that.

    @Nightscream, smiling as best I can.

    @Gleeman, I'll try. Honestly. I'll try.

    Aaaaand.... 26? Yes, 26. So... kind of young? Ish? But I do sit around complaining about how all of the crotchety old men are going to be the end of the world. Does that sort of count?

    @Cage, a pleasure, as always.

  11. Well, don't you live a life of levity, dearie.

  12. Well, well, aren't WE the self-righteous bunch? Gotta say, Gargle-boy, you amuse me. Acting like you're a saint. I'd say you're more like a Templar. Elaine, dearie sweetie honey-bear, quit getting so worked up. We get that the Goy here is a prick. So who gives a fuck what he thinks? By the way, Gargie, you're headed the same way as Sagel. I hope you crash and burn, so that I can be there with a tub of popcorn to watch. Oh, and one more thing. Gargoyle, you act like you're a frightened n00b, but the way you type tells me you're a manipulative bastard playing with his audience. What aren't you telling us, hmm?

  13. I do not
    mind you

    You seem
    to me.

    Maybe I just
    do not know
    why everyone
    else hates you.


  14. @A, thank you for reminding me that my memory/intellect could always still use some work. I had to google the word "levity."

    Having done that though... Yes. That thing that you said. Lets call it a coping mechanism. It's better than being depressed.

    @Fractal, hmm... well, I'd like to say "You should know," now that I've peeked at your profile, but... I'd have to say that I'm under the impression that you never quite understood that man or what you were getting into in the first place. So pardon me if I don't trust your word there.

    You may be right about one thing though. I may have posted this with the intent of obtaining a particular response from someone. As I believe you did when you made your comment here. My success varied. How did yours?

    @Ember Fay, I'm not sure why they don't like me either. I think it's because I want to talk about things that they don't want to talk about... and I do it in a manner they don't appreciate. So apparently that makes me an asshole.

  15. ^_- Oh, I'm doing WONDERFULLY, Gargle old son. Got exactly the response I wanted. You ARE quite the smarmy bastard, aren't you? Besides, I may not've understood Sagel-and-lemon all that well, but I see actions and I see results and I hear things through the walls. And at least I met him in real life, unlike your sorry bunker-ridden ass. Funny how you're so qualified to understand all these people you've never met. What a gift, eh? All those books you must've read merely by looking at their covers.

    TTFN, dearie. Have fun with your little delusions of grandeur!

  16. .....

    -starts cackling madly-

    Oh my god. You are.. I think despite our lack of conversations, you have become one of my favorite people in the Slenderverse. You.. oh god. This is so much fun to read. Who needs cable when you have infighting and blogs like this? Holy fuck. I love this.

    Okay, since no one's going to pay attention/care about what I say on this old of a post..

    Here we go. Free, you make me go <3 <3 <3 all OVER THE PLACE. Do you have cookies as well? Really? I'm half tempted to join the dark side, then I remember how strict and annoying all of the damn rules can be. Stupid Handlers. Stupid organizations getting all uppity. Fuck it, I prefer being neutral. (laughs insanely at the thought of her being neutral)

    Wolfie, dear, why didn't you tell me how much fun Gargoyle was? This is just.. I've missed so much.

    Jekyll, you are such a jackass, it is beautiful to watch. So much laughing.. oh lord.

    TMV, I love the "But he is in a hole." quote. I.. oh god. I was vaguely upset with you for a while, but this? This made everything okay again, and I have no idea why. I'm probably a tad bit overtired (read:exhausted to the point of laughing like an idiot at stupid shit.)

    Gleeman, don't discourage him. This is free fucking entertainment, and damn it, I'm not going to discourage this shit. Too much fun, too much drama, too much pointless fighting. Shhhhhh. Maybe you can recruit him, though...?

    Fractal... wait, that reminds me. I'm supposed to be shoving myself up your ass to try and figure out how I know you. This makes me want to do so more now.

    Ooooooh, I'm so fucking tired i may as well be drunk. -.-

    Hope no one has this post subscribed! xD

  17. Oh fuck. Oh dear. Oh goddamn damn it. I just realized who you are. I'm so fucked. I'm so so so fucked. I thought you were dead!

    I mean... please god don't have this subscribed. I am so fucked.

    I mean.


    Nice to see you again, doll. ^.^


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