Dec 24, 2011

Something Passed Over

...and it wasn’t fucking Santa Claus.

I almost didn’t post about this...
I’ve been sitting here wondering what to even say about it for a few hours now. At first I was just panicking and running about the room trying to decide what to do, if I needed to pack, to run, to wait, what? It just happened so god damned fast that I didn’t know how to respond to it...

Aaaand I am getting way ahead of myself again... Okay, slow down. Spoilers first. It wasn’t the Construct. Again. I’ll try to stop getting your hopes up for activity with false alarms and other crazy shit, but this is just kind of the life we’re living now, isn’t it?

So what the fuck...?

Okay, I’m going to describe this as best I’m able, but it’s not going to be very good because I was too upset over it to really take notes at the time and I’m going by a really shakily recalled memory here... Basically, I’m just chilling out here in the hole, like “normal” or whatever... and I was... I don’t even remember what I was doing anymore, probably reading a blog or thinking about how much I miss pizza or something and then- Fuck.


My cameras outside are always broadcasting. I usually keep the volume low unless I hear birds or something out there and want to listen in for a bit because that’s actually kind of peaceful and relaxing when you’re spending your days in near dead silence all the time and- oooooff topic... Okay! So they’re always broadcasting. I’m not always paying them attention, but they’re on and playing in the background on my laptop... and suddenly there is this noise. It came out as a sharp static burst of sorts at first, grabbing my attention awfully damned quickly. So I click over to the camera feed and just watch, looking for anything. I turned the volume up to see if they were getting anything and- that... that was really a mistake I think.

I started hearing voices.

A freaking LOT of Voices.

They were coming from nowhere. I was looking everywhere, I saw nothing. Nothing was out there. Suddenly there’s like this sharp powerful wind and the trees and bushes and everything starts swaying like there is something huge passing through them, bending unnaturally as some invisible force passed them by. And the voices got louder... and louder... and LOUDER. I could make out the words now. Different tones of voice. They were like mere Whispers yet they echoed louder than the most violent of shouts. And the voices were Cruel. Demeaning. Maniputively insulting. And yet they sounded so sweet as they spoke, like a mother’s gentle caress.

They just kept getting louder, invading my mind and echoing through my brain. My head was pounding. There were too many voices. It was too much at once. I thought my eardrums were going to explode. What the fuck was this?? How was this even happening?!?

And then it was just gone.

Fleeting whispers fading away into the distance and the wind died down and everything returned to normal...

Heh, “normal” ...Right.

And I was out of my chair and freaking the fuck out thinking the Construct had found me and trying to think of some way to keep him out of my head and what the fuck was going on and---

I calmed down eventually... <.<;

It’s taken an awful lot of rationalization, but I think I’ve managed to sort it all out. I think so at least... It didn’t make sense for it to be the Construct. None of it fit his typical modus operandi... but it did fit something else. Now, I can’t be certain because I don’t research this stuff enough, but going purely by what I know... I think The Choir passed over me.

I don’t think it was here for me... It may not have even realized I was here as it passed. I think it was just passing through and I just happened to be in the way. I’m really, really fucking hoping that’s the case at least. In any event, it hasn’t come back.

I’m a little happy about the random coincidence of it though... now I have a pretty good idea of how badly I’m going to freak the fuck out when/if the Construct finally does show up around here. Maybe now I can be better prepared for it...


  1. You're lucky you encountered that version of the Choir. The one that's looks like a fungus tends to get everywhere and is very hard to dispose of. You pretty much have to burn down whatever it clings to.

  2. I don't consider myself lucky to have encountered Any version of the Choir. <.<;;

    But upon learning that much, now I'm going to be walking around wondering if it left anything like that in it's wake. Is that a thing that is possible? This subject is not my specialty. <.<;;;

    .....I'm muting my microphones for a while.

  3. The Choir? Heh. They must have decided to leave my ass alone and follow you.


    Wait wait wait.

    It's rare as fuck for anyone involved with Slendy to admit the Fears even exist. What the hell is up with THIS SHIT?!


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