Jan 21, 2012

Well, That's New

So, typically speaking, my grand surveillance camera viewing adventures are pretty boring. I've got to the point where I barely even notice them running in the background anymore. The times when I found peace or joy out of just watching the leaves fall or the trees sway in the wind or that random bird fluttering about have similarly passed. It can still be relaxing, especially if the birds are chirping... because Oh God, Naturally Occurring Sounds! Something to listen to that isn't my freaking laptop fan!

But yeah, it's gotten old. Nothing ever happens. The biggest scare I've had, apart from the previously mentioned one, was when I heard a bunch of really loud clicking noises coming from the speakers and checked about until I found one with- OH MY GOD WHAT IS THAT HORRIBLE GIANT BEAST STARING INTO THE CAMERA LENS AND WHERE DID IT COME FROM AND LOOK AT THE SIZE OF IT'S EYES AND IT'S TEETH AND-

...oh wait it's a Squirrel.

....Awwwwwww~ <3 <3 <3

So yeah, random fluffy cuteness monsters and loud screechy noise thing aside, I haven't really gotten much play out of these cameras. My fantasies of lost and clueless Proxies scouring the woods for me totally lost to the land of my dreams!

And now there's this shit... -.-;

I'm looking out one of my cameras at this one tree. There's nothing really special about it, it's just a freaking tree, just like all the other trees. It's not huge or bleeding or anything. It's just a tree. And it's just there. So it normally wouldn't be a problem... Except that I've never seen it before today.

This isn't some "Oh the leaves fell out of the trees and now you can see more of the surrounding area" bullshit either. I've had a clear view of these woods for weeks. Nine times out of ten, the whole place is as silent, dead, and unmoving as a still painting. I've practically got the landscape memorized. So "Tree suddenly appearing out of nowhere" kind of raises my brow a bit.

And I'm steadily inching towards freaking out over it, because I've heard about this kind of thing happening before. So what I've pretty much convinced myself at this point... is that I'm peering into a Perception Filter. So I'm sort of writing this out as much for self-confirmation of the matter as I am for you guys to be aware of the situation. Because I'm not stupid. I know what it really is out there. You ALL already know what it really is.

Sometimes I hate being right... I fucking called it here, I know it. So... great, I guess I'm going to start putting my philosophies into practice and start pounding away at my psyche until I can see this thing for what it really is. And while I'm doing that, I'm going to hope really hard that it goes the fuck away.

But at least now I don't have to worry about what decision to make regarding my food situation.... I'm fucking ecstatic.

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  1. I thought a Perception Filter was supposed to cease having effect when you acknowledge that it's there?
    Although now that I think about it, I suppose it's more "cease having A POINT"...


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