Jan 30, 2012

Oh for fuck's sake...

Have I mentioned I haven't really been sleping for the past couple of days? -.-;

Because I prtty much haven't...

I broke out the chocolate covered coffee beans I'd been saving and just keeping myself fucking wired so I could keep an eye on the cameras. He's never gone for very long anymore and I don't dare risket... Im afraid I'm goingto wake up and he's gonna be standing over be all tentkly and shit and thaa's just gonna be the end of it.... or that his gonna get in mah head while I'm sleepn and mess with me in my dreams cause my mind is mor vulnerable when im alseep...


Can't somebody like... drive aroun dstate with ....whit whatever the fuck they's called things recorded and play them to summon Slendermen away from here so mayb I could get some effing sleep for a coupel hours and not have to wory about the bastard bein gout there all the time? That would be great....

...or meybe that doctor who chic can come and get me the fuck ouu of here... tha twould e freakin awsome as hell......

...dog damint the walls are moving agan...... fucking caffinee overdorse hallucinasion bullshit......

....fuck it

im laying down.. if he tried to get me then than so fukingc be it. I cant do' anything like this...


....go satre at someone else for six hours you whit eface bitch1


  1. Lack of sleep does not keep your mind stronger. When wageing a psychological war it is nessacary to sleep unless you are trained in maintaining a strong mind with little rest. You do not have such training, sleep is the better option.

  2. Listen to what Shade said he's a smart guy! Better yet get out of that bunker and go running because if you don't soon youre going to die and that would be awful! Get out of there then go sleep somewhere safe!

  3. I'm hoping by the time I'm seeing this you've gone to fucking sleep. I'd love to try and distract him but I'm pretty sure by now he's in multiple places at once, the fuck rarely stops staring at the three of us either.

    You need to get the fuck out of there /before/ you find yourself cornered by slendershit far, far away from anyone or anything that could help you.

  4. Brooklyn, you must think smarter than this. I'm expecting more from you. Stop thinking like a child who's afraid if they sleep they will never wake up. The body and mind require rest - it's not optional. If you won't give yourself that... my suggestion is to walk outside to Him and let happen what will happen. Save yourself the trouble.

    Understand this: I want to see you prepared for when He really begins focusing in on you. my friend. Don't disappoint me. Right now, Father is just playing. You've read enough of the stories to know He takes His time...

    So breathe deep.

    Think faster than you act.

    Sleep when you need to.

    And don't forget to smile.


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