Jan 31, 2012

Okay! Bad sit wen down. Don't ave a lot of time to talk about it, still on te run. Made it into te city and snuck my way to te top of te first tall building I could find. Cilling on te roof for now. Not te greatest cover but it'll do. Will explain better once I've transferred everyting to a new laptop. Tis one is fucked. Can barely see wat I'm typing an- fuck! I'm bleeding all over te keys again, I tougt I ad stopped tat. Gotta get back on te move and track down te next package. Need medical supplies. Will contact wen I'm out of te state. Stay safe.


  1. Well that escelated fast. Try not to bleed out on us o.k., there's more to your story than this.

    See you around

  2. ...Well, sounds like you got screwed up...
    Still, you're alive and on the run. I'm glad to hear that. Keep us updated and stay safe.

  3. Holy shit. Watch your ass, stonebum. I'll keep my fingers crossed for you. Depending on what state you're in I might be able to point you towards a doctor who won't ask questions.

  4. Mother of- I look away for a day and this is what's bloody happening!
    The faster you run, the faster your blood pumps, the more you lose.
    Be careful out there.

  5. Leaving the state may not give extra benefit. It is smarter to focus your energy on locating a secure and discreet location near your present one. Prioritize your needs. You can not do anything if you are suffering from blood loss.

  6. aa, not using the letter makes tings look funny. I pretty muc read tis in a Jamaican accent.


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