Jan 10, 2012

One Big Unhappy Family

I've been having trouble fitting some theory into words lately. I blame some... distractions. But yeah, would rather take a bit more time putting my thoughts in order to ensure I say everything I want to say about this. Still felt like posting something though, so I thought I'd just ramble a bit instead about something that came up during the last- hmm... actually, from every "storm" that's blown through here. I think Rhodes was the last one to make the comment though, so I'll pretend I'm picking on him... You can play along with that if you like.

Every so often, someone like me has a disagreement with another runner and it degrades into shouting matches and friends come to the aid of friends and it sometimes, if not more often, turns into a bit of a scuffle of words. As one passerby might have put it, everyone whips out their e-dicks and starts waving them around declaring they've got the biggest. This is kind of human nature. We thrive on conflict. Shit happens. So then inevitably, as we sit around ripping each other a part, one of our delightful friends on the other side comes along and expresses their enjoyment of how we're tearing each other down and how much easier it's going to be for them to take us all out now.

This is funny to me.

Here's why...
See, I guess you can't see this simple fact because you're wearing your hypocrisy perception filter goggles, but ahh... You guys bicker more than we do! XD Oh, and fun fact! You tend to do it a lot more often in person too. With KNIVES.

Now, I know, I know. You're not all ripping each other apart daily either. Or at the very least you're not blogging about it. But seriously, lets take a test. Stop for a moment and think about it. Of your fellow Proxy, how many of them do you really like and get along with? You can think of a few, right? Of course! Just go ahead and jot them down on a sheet of paper.

Okay, now get yourself another sheet for your next list. Ready? Stop for a moment and think of all the Proxies you can't fucking stand and would probably like to see murdered violently(preferably by yourself). Woooow... that list just EXPLODED didn't it? Do you even need to compare them at this point?

I mean really, half of these guys you would have nothing to do with if you weren't under orders to work with and put up with them. You guys just had a bitchin New Years Party the other week and though plenty of fun times and pleasant conversations were had, you spent the whole time wondering when shit was going to hit the fan and you'd all start trying to kill one another. Oh, and of course, eventually, that highly anticipated course of action IS what happened.

And you think we're falling apart because we yell at one another over the internet from time to time? XD

Here's the fact of the matter to set the record straight, okay guys? I'm pretty sure a good half of the runner's hate each other, just like you guys hate at least half of each other. The key difference between the two groups, from my observation, is this... The runners are willing to work together to help one another. Sometimes for no reason what so ever. And sometimes even when it's a person they don't particularly like. When's the last time one of you guys can say one of your fellows really came to help you out? And they weren't under orders to do so? Oh, I'm sure it still happens. Not all of you are complete dicks after all. But it's the exception rather than the rule, am I right?

I mean, just look around yourselves right now. How many of your fellows were in trouble recently? Or are in trouble right now? It'd be pretty easy for me to drop a few names, but I'm gonna refrain from that on account of it seeming to hold the potential to further upset the people or situations in question... but you all read the same blogs I do, you know who I'm thinking of. So how many of you have offered to do a damned thing to help them out? I mean, maybe there's nothing you can do, but you could at least offer a word or two of support from time to time. More often than not, these troubled Proxies are getting more sympathy and offers of aid from their Enemies than they are from their own allies. That's pretty sad guys.

You may have better organization and general leadership than the runners and fighters, but you're missing a lot of heart. It's not going to damage your image to show a little compassion from time to time, ya know? I mean, rail against the runners and their problems all you want, that's your job, but help each other out from time to time how about it? That sound like a plan? Because as dumb as the runners act sometimes, if push came to shove and one of them called out for help, you know everyone with the capacity to do so would reach out to aid them. Runners stick together like that when it counts. It's one of the few things you could stand to learn from them.

And understand, I'm not trying to push some "Friendship is Magical" bullshit on you. I'm just saying look after your own. You can bitch them out all you want, but help a brother out when he's in need how about it? Is that so much to ask? Because until you're capable of that much, I don't want to hear shit about how we're tearing each other apart because we bitch at one another. We're a much stronger community of people who hate each other than you seem to be.


  1. siiiiiiigh

    You just loooove making trouble for yourself, don't you?

    Don't get me wrong, I agree. Good god do I agree. And I respect a guy who's not afraid to say what no one else will. But when you deliberately attack just about every blogger out there, you're just asking for an ass-kicking. I mean come on.

  2. Oh? I really wasn't aiming this at anyone in particular though... just sort of stating the obvious again. Because sometimes even the obvious needs to be pointed out before people can see it. If I wanted to pick a fight, I could have done much worse... XD I believe I have the track record to prove that much.

    But if it honestly upsets a few, then I suppose I'll roll with the punches like I always do. What's one more ass-kicking owed at this point?

  3. Personally, I have offered encouragement to some of my fellow proxies and I and have been offered the same from them. Also, there are those who I would help if they needed it and there was something I could do.
    Heh... oddly enough the same could be said for some of those shades of grey who visit my blog, though, of course, that would depend on what they needed and what Ritter would have to say about it.
    Also, I don't care about infighting on either side whether with words or weapons. I just took that as a fact of human nature in any group.

  4. And that's one of the things I like about you Wolf, you have that more compassionate side about you. It counterbalances the part of you that stabs people quite nicely.

    1. You said this with a completely deadpan expression, didn't you?

  5. Pfft. Nonsense. We proxies get along splendidly. When conflict arises we merely resolve it in our own way. For example, at the party when I tried to light Bitchstar on fire. It wasn't something I wanted to do, it was something I needed to do. For his own good. It hurt me much more than it hurt him. Or some kind of bullshit like that. And that fucking clown needed be taught a lesson. Chicken and beets. To never, ever use a salad fork to eat steak. It was an unforgivable faux-pas, and we had to make sure he learned.

    Stay frosty.

  6. So you would label the difference in perception we share on the matter as something of a "cultural" difference? Heh... an interesting way of putting things. Can't say I could argue with that.

  7. Ah-ha. Good to see you're still around, Gargoyle. I've always rather enjoyed your opinions; especially when they're rational, and considering I am currently... incapacitated, I suppose it'll do me no harm to comment on this subject.

    First off; I'm glad the party proved to be such a brilliant source of entertainment. You've raised an interesting point, and I hope you won't mind me playing devil's advocate; but do you really expect Runners to rally for each other when the need be? Truly, the spread currently is rather impressive, but it's hard to argue total selflessness. Moreover, there tends to be conflict of interests on a regular basis -after all, the fate of most Runners is either death or our ranks, correct? The resulting hit to each collective psyche whenever one meets such a fate must be rather devastating. Caring is a chore; a dangerous chore at that.

    I may even choose to argue that it is the constant threat of danger that lets our little "organization" thrive. Without some semblance of crime and punishment, so to say, there would only be chaos. Runners do not require such a need for guidelines; it may be wise to not try to shove a square peg in a circular hole.

    Remember; each of our groups holds a different objective, which means a differing level of compassion. Such matters of kindness are usually deemed unnecessary when you do not have a death sentence in a suit hanging over your figurative and literal head.

    Thank you for the brain-teaser, incidentally. Boredom is truly going to be the death of me.

  8. Ah, but there is so much LOVE in those threats made on each others' lives. And the more of an arrogant asshole someone is, the more the rest of us enjoy teasing them into oblivion. It's beautiful. It truly is.

    Really, you must admit that we are an honest lot. Least with each other. I wonder how many of you Runners could say the same?

    Honestly, considering the majority of us have every reason to not trust another living soul... I believe the fact we had a party at all for New Years (And everyone left alive and well) rather brilliant. That is despite the fact that many of those souls belong in mental hospitals.

    What more could one ask for?

  9. This comment has been removed by the author.

    1. I love when this happens. You can play pretend and wonder, "Hmm, I wonder what was so terrible they removed their comment?" The truth is, normally they're just really boring and said something they weren't supposed to.

    2. It was basically the same thing he posted below, just not worded as well and minus a paragraph or two. So... typically such things seem to be the result of having to deal with the fact that blogger lacks an edit comment button.

  10. I admit I've found it ironic that Runners are notoriously uncoordinated with limited resources except for a few small gatherings here and there while Proxies have their own agencies and divisions and teams and 'higher ups' and sponsors and... still aren't too much better off in the vein of getting things done. Mostly cause of what you're saying here, from what I've gathered: too much bickering and literal backstabbing.

    Although to be fair I'm not sure which side has the highest kill/KO/general success count. That statistic would probably make the most compelling argument as to who is actually more productive... Too bad it's probably impossible to count at this point.
    Although the scoring on suicides (assisted and otherwise) and team-kills (ESPECIALLY) rather screws up that statistic anyway.

    Still, conceptually it's better to have the homicidal knife nuts stuck behind red tape while turning the mostly harmless people loose rather than the other way around. Not that it makes too much of a difference after a while. Off topic, sorry.

    Although crazy thought, perhaps it's exactly because of the Runners' improvisation and the Proxies' bureaucracy that the Runners are closer and many Proxies can't stand each other? A Runner dies, their friends care because they've grinded their teeth together through the same hardships; A Proxy dies, the higher ups just replace them with a cheap imitation, as many already have devalued themselves as human beings, to the point of worthlessness. (not that i'M lOoking at any paRticular proxies, Nor callING any Souls ouT for such A shoddy "Replacement" job in name only.)

    @Nightscream: And now I'm recalling a song that goes something along the lines of "The more you ruv someone, the more you want to kirr dem..."

  11. Okay. Here we go. First off, I'm not Lucia. I'm a proxy named Ryan who happens to be sitting at the same computer as Lucia.

    There's no difference. A jerk proxy is the same as a jerk anyone else. Personally, I tend to associate with less jerky proxies and steer clear of the ones you're familiar with.

    It might just be Pittsburgh proxies in general, but we're all pretty chill with each other there. :| Of course, you probably haven't heard about much pinned on us. ;)

  12. Why does everybody update when I can't get to a computer all day? It's like you people are coordinating this or something.

    Anyways, I tend to get along with pretty much everybody, or at least I try to. A was pretty much the expection, but that guy needed someone to take him down a peg, and honestly, arguing with him was usually hilarious to me. At the very least I almost never argue with someone out of anger or directed malice, not over the internet anyways.

    See you around

  13. It's sad when people trying to kill each other are more civil to each other than they are to their colleagues. But as more than one proxy as told me (and several more of you), go on. Do my job for me. My whole crusade is to point out the shades of gray, and dick around the various sides of the fight until I damn near get stabbed for it. Then I crack a joke, hit on a few bloggers, and disappear for a while. I can honestly say I probably get along with Proxies better, in general, because they have more of a sense of humor. Gallows humor, if you will.

    But, if I were bleeding on the floor of a basement... I wouldn't exactly be calling a Proxy. Wait. No, that one time doesn't count, I wasn't the one calling. My point is, if I called a Runner for help (depending on the Runner), they'd probably drive cross-country to come do so. At the end of the day, both sides have their own uses and drawbacks. I just happen to love taking advantage of both.

    One little side note I'd like to add in: It's dangerous to care about those around you, no matter what side you are on. Too much death and pain will desensitize even the most caring soul. You have to learn to detach yourself from the situations, and hold yourself at arms length from even the closest of friends. Because, let's face it: We're all going to die fighting this fight. Do you constantly want to be mourning the people you love?


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