Feb 8, 2012

What Happened at the Bunker

Huuuh, where do I even start?

Lets start with the present, that's simple enough...
So firstly, I'm alive. Huzzah! You may all depart from the edge of your seats and either relax or start swearing, depending upon who you are. Sorry for not updating you sooner, but I've kind of had a bunch of shit to take care of. Presently, I'm sitting around on the rooftop of a high building again. That's about as specific as I care to be on the subject. For now. Might clue a few of you in later, but for now, preferring my space. Besides, realized I'm reeeeeeeeeally not used to social contact when I got out and started running around. Have had a few awkward conversations that I'd rather not repeat with anyone I know.

Anyways, safe enough I guess... miles away from where I was. Threw on a hoodie I had packed to cover up the blood that was all over me at the time and hopped an overnight bus to anywhere with tall buildings. Don't care if M is right or not, I feel safer up here, so this is where I'm staying for as long as I can manage it. Plus, it's actually really easy to get wifi signals up here... wasn't expecting that. They're all kind of shit though... that part I was expecting, but hey, work with what you've got.

Blood... right. Not bleeding anymore. That's a relief. So no worries there I guess. Nothing to worry about I don't think, just kind of banged myself up.... ahh... yeah... understatement of the year, but I'll get to the details later. Maybe. But ahh... yeah, I'm fine. Sore and sorta patched up, but fine. Nothing serious.... I think. Not a doctor.

Anyways... working on a new laptop too. The other one got kind of busted up. Another understatement. I was halfway through that last post before I realized the "h" wasn't working. I think the "j" and the "n" stopped working after a while too, but I was done posting by then. Not sure if they just broke or if blood was jamming the keys or something. I don't know. Whatever. New laptop. Problem solved. Wasn't purposely speaking gibberish. Moving on...

Ah, new supplies... how did I gets them? Hmm... well, contrary to what you'd probably imagine, given my history, I didn't steal them. Not necessarily anyways... hmm... but I was still using the paypal linked to the fake... fuck. Okay "Maybe" I stole them. Under technicality. Will get that sorted out later. Promise and all that. Anyways, as part of my preparations for an escape plan in the event the bunker was compromised, I did some digging around till I found this really nice forum for Free Runners. Like, those people who do parkour and shit... nothing Construct related. Basically took a page from Mirror's Edge where runner's would leave bags stashed around in hidden locations along their running paths. Found a local-ish couple who agreed to gather the materials I asked for and hide them in the city nearby. All I had to do was wire them money for the items and a bit extra for the job. A few weeks later I had a set of GPS coordinates I could track the packages down to. Pretty handy, they turned up right where they said they'd be too. Well, I had to search pretty damned hard for the first two, but still... they were there. I got what I needed right away and nobody new had to get involved in my mess. Would have probably still done well to go to an actual hospital rather than trying to do an amateur patch job with a medkit, but... yeah, too many questions I didn't have answers to.

And you probably wish I would quit stalling and get on with it already...Siiigh... right... okay then.

The noise.

I recognized it. Well, not exactly. But something similar. Jarred my brain to thinking. I dunno how many of you are Stargate SG-1 fans... but they had this gateway, portal thingie, right? Just walk through and it shoots you through a wormhole to another place somewhere in the universe. (Kinda like, I dunno, a much cooler version of The Path.) But it works both ways, right? And they'd gotten bitten once already with shit coming through that wasn't friendly. So they built this thing called an "Iris." Basically like a blast door that they could just close. So if they didn't want something coming through, they just close the Iris, and BAM! Whatever was coming through shoots out the other end of the wormhole and hits a wall. Makes a really loud "THUNG" sound on impact. And then that's just it. An object that's been reduced pretty much to particles and traveling faster than the speed of light just collided with a solid object before it could reform. I suppose a good gamer's term would be "Telefragged."

That is basically what the sound was that I thought I heard that day. I confirmed the theory by the fact that the Proxies outside were disappearing one after the other. I'd hear the noise and one would be gone. It... it was flinging them along The Path, trying to find the way inside. They were coming out and rematerializing in the middle of solid earth and rock... Not... Not a fun way to die.

Number four got lucky... she dropped right into the room. I had just finished posting and was trying to shut everything down and move when she dropped into the room. There wasn't a lot of time to react to it. I could tell she was in a daze when she pulled herself off the floor and started looking around the room. We exchanged glances but for a moment before the shots rang out. I- fuck

Hold On... fucking hell.


  1. Good to know you
    are still alive.
    And your name feels
    more fitting too.

    1. Yeah, kind of funny how long it took me to actually get out on the ledge of a tall building... XD Wish I could take a picture.

  2. I'm new to the blogosphere So I'd thought I say hi but that seems unimportant, but good to see people surviving and sorry about your circumstance being compromised by dumb luck.

    1. Eh, worse things could have happened. Hello hellos though, welcome to the dark carnival and all that. XD

      Your icon is fantastic.

    2. thanks, sort of seemed apt for the situation I've come into

  3. Glad you made it out alright.
    Remember, rooftops won't actually keep you safe, and depending on where you are it might be smart to get inside a little more, out of the cold.

    1. well, they won't "Keep" me safe, no... ^.^; but I'd say they "provide some safety"
      and so long as I keep moving around and don't stay in one place, I think it works out better. Has so far anyways. I usually only head up there at night now though... started wandering the streets a bit more once I started feeling less sore from trying to explode myself. XP

  4. You almost blew yourself up Gargoyle? And here I was worried you'd be less intresting when you got out of your hole in the ground, ah well, I'm glad your safe. Now comes the tough part, actually running. It's nice to see you thought ahead, too, just keep the ideas coming and I'm sure you'll be fine. Good luck anyways, I'm pretty sure you'll need it.

    See you around


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