Feb 10, 2012

Choking Thoughts

I hadn't planned on posting anything for a bit longer, but... I've got all this time to think while I'm walking around and not using my laptop to keep as much battery life available as possible... So my mind just kind of causally leaps from topic to topic I guess as I stroll through the crowds or pace circles on a rooftop. And since I just got caught up on my blog reading stuff the other day, I've had an awful lot of terrible new shit to think about.

In particular, I've been concerned with this post by the Bakers crew. Long and short of it? The Knight's Squad got wasted in their own base by some kind of heavy duty military-like forces. Only confirmed death was MK-II, but still... it's unsettling. I've never heard of Proxies getting taken out like that. Maybe by a group like the PTC, but... those guys are long gone. What the hell happened? The only real clue is that the guy who's been yanking "Joseph"s chain around is behind it. And I realize that the Knights were kind of bastards but... they didn't deserve that... and I hope the instigator of the massacre gets what he deserves in return for it.

At first I was just worried about the rest of them. I mean... maybe they got out. Four fifths of them appeared pretty competent, so maybe Morgan's last stand bought them time to evacuate. I hope so... I mean, again, murdering bastards but... they're still people damnit. And somewhere over the course of all this, it hit me...

That thing we all forgot because we were caught up in the emotional storm of the event...

...where are the last three vials now?

If Knight Squad didn't survive, then that means... that could mean things I don't want to think about. That none of us want to think about. Where the FUCK is Nicky Sage when you need him?? Is... am I overreacting here or no? I feel like someone needs to call super truce and put out an all points bulletin to confirm the status of Knight Squad. They're the only ones who will know what happened to those things... them and possibly... uuuurgh, Fuck. "Joseph" I hope to god you've got a handle on this Goldstien guy, else we are ALL in trouble.


  1. Oh fuck.
    Why didn't I think of that?

    Also, yeah, I agree. Star used to speak fondly of his team, I'd hate to think they've been taken out like this.

  2. I don't think they've died. Those vials are the source of much turmoil, and that isn't going to change any time soon.

  3. Thank you. Bloody fucking hell, thank you. SOMEONE who gets why I haven't slept in three solid days.

    As for the vials, their status is currently... classified. I'm, ah, currently working to get that information available to the masses.

    But I will say this; this whole sequence of current events is making me very, very nervous. Nervous enough to be chain smoking consistently while I try desperately to piece this together. Nervous enough to extend the order to keep the entire district in lockdown. I-I'll make a post about it. Hardly fair of me to prattle on in the comment section of someone else's blog, now is it...?

  4. I haven't heard from Nick in weeks (pretty sure his phone's long dead by now), but I'm assuming he's still out west.

    I'm also assuming he has a damn good reason for not staying in contact and worrying me sick. The bastard.

  5. DEAD?! Morganstar's... dead? Huh. That's... actually kinda sad. I mean, I refused to read his blog out of spite for his taking up the name... his whole religious shtick annoyed me, and I simply preferred the original... but he was still a person...

    But, why... who... wha?

  6. Cue drama over the death of the Morningstar we never heard of. I mourn the possible death of his team more than the man, but hey. At least he was honest, yea?

    People go missing alot in this mythos, don't they?

    1. Well, "Missing People" is sort of the unifying motif... guess we shouldn't be so surprised.

      Gonna have to start investing in GPS tracking units for some people.... -.-;;

  7. For all of his superority complex, this Morningstar died in a fraction of the time the origonal did. Somehow, I almost deem this fitting, but there are bigger matters at hand. Namely, the vials, those things make even me nervous. Good luck to the Baker Street Crew, and has anyone else noticed that Joseph dropped his quotation marks? Actually... I'm going to read that blog before I make any assumptions.

    See you around

    1. Oh good, I wasn't imagining that. Yes, they've vanished, not sure when that occurred. Wasn't a top priority on my thought process list though so I didn't see fit to mention it amidst the deaths and the military kill squads and the apocalypse juice.


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