Feb 28, 2012

Next Step

Sorry about the lack of replies or whatever. It's harder to keep up when your laptop isn't constantly running... ah, like it used to... I backtrack through the comments when I can, but I've been a bit busy patching myself up and trying to find a good place to set up for a few of my experimental musings...

Anyways... I went into a Walmart today...
Which is funny actually, because I don't think I've been in one for like two years. Used to boycott the place basically. Even when I WORKED THERE... -.-; which is probably the Other Reason I stopped going to them. But anyways, experience has taught me that Walmart is one of those few stores where you can walk around in damn near anything you want and nobody seems to notice or give a shit, so that seemed like the perfect place for a beat up looking guy in dirty clothes to blend in unnoticed and unquestioned.

Anyways... I picked up some new clothes and some new "toys."
Expect word of "crazy shit" going down soon...

...or Messenger posting about my death. Whichever. <.<;
Either's fine really, though I think I'd prefer that first one.


  1. Right. As apparently Emily snatched the laptop to tell you lot, missed the last post. You still need help finding a doctor, you drop me a line.
    Sorry for accidentally letting my six year old run all over your blog.

    And watch your ass, stonebum

    1. S'not a problem... not like she can damage a blog by posting on it. XD
      And she handled herself well enough with The Overseer, so I'd say she's smart enough for her age...

    2. Yeah, she's damn smart. That's pretty much what I'm worried about, really.

  2. ... you fucking idiot. You know why you're a fucking idiot? Because you're doing... this. And this only tends to make people very dead.

    But... but you're more brave for doing so than I'll ever be

    so I suppose I'm sort of thanking you.

    Sort of.

    1. In one breath you condemn him, and in the next you congratulate him for being better than you. You're a strange one, Spence.

    2. They say bravery is being too stupid to know you're supposed to be scared.


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