Feb 8, 2012

What Happened at the Bunker (part 2)

Well, I guess I don't mind telling you now that I was chilling on the rooftop of a big hotel, cause they kind of came and kicked me off of it. Apparently they had a camera or two up there and I didn't notice em. Go figure. Least they didn't call the cops...

Soooo fuck it, I headed downtown and now I'm chilling in a Starbucks with the rest of the poser crowd and using the opportunity to get my laptop recharged. Pretty big crowd around this area. I should be fine. Ground floor is fine so long as you're blending in with the crowd. Should keep the tall man at bay and I seriously doubt any (smart) Proxy is going to cause any big public spectacles.

Anyways, interruptions taken care of, where the fuck was I? Ahh... right... That. Do I really have to- ugh... fine, here goes...

So, this masked Proxy chick gets dropped in my lap and the next thing I know shit has hit the proverbial fan. One. Two. Three. I barely registered the gun until it was in my face. I did a freaking barrel roll into the floor. The first shot went wide and ricocheted off the wall. Don't know where it went after that. The second went straight through my laptop screen... hence me not being able to see what I was doing well when I posted earlier... probably a miracle it still displayed anything at all... The third... That one met her between the eyes... because that one was mine. A lucky shot... I can't aim for shit... but at that range... In any case, she fell to the floor... and she... she didn't move anymore after that.

So... lets call this "things I've failed to mention" number one... I have a gun. It's nothing special... simple clip fed repeater. I got it from my dad a long ass time ago. Normally wouldn't have been carrying it around, but if you recall I was afraid my friend was in with the mob or something when I went out there to hide in the bunker, so it seemed reasonable to carry it along on my trek to go read the cryptic email attachments. Whatever the case, felt it better none of my potential pursuers knew I was armed. That's out of the bag now, I guess, but I'd have a hard time lying about it at this point, so whatever... I don't care.

I'd have been more upset over what I'd just done at the time if I hadn't had more important things to worry about. My mind was working faster than my body could keep up. I'd always kind of hoped that the Construct would try teleporting into the room and getting stuck in the ceiling... telefragged... like I mentioned before, cause wouldn't that be some ironic Lols? But I guess everyone was right about him being smarter than I've been giving him credit for... He used his puppets to find the right path and now that he had found the way inside... seen the layout from within through his minion's eyes... I figured I only had a couple of seconds to act before he was on top of me. I slammed my broken laptop shut and crammed it into my bag and bee-lined for the freaking door. Turned the crank, heard the locking mechanisms release, and shoved as hard as I could against the door...

I only looked back for a second... as the door was flying open... and there it freaking was... hunched over, but standing right in the middle of the room. It wasn't really moving though... and for once I think I knew why. "Things I've failed to mention" number two... since day one, the walls have been covered in Operator Symbols. With Eyes. I painted them all over the place... They were supposed to serve as a trap for the Construct. M said they'd hold him the same way looking at him does... but as we all know, it only works for so long. A temporary solution. But the theory was that I'd only need a couple of minutes... or seconds... I'd just need him locked in place long enough for me to get around him and to the door...

The door...

I think this is basically that moment... the moment where you first see him up close and in person... that you're supposed to just lock up and not be able to move... because your brain is too busy trying to comprehend the horrors in front of it to tell your body what to do. But I guess I didn't have time for that... because once again my brain already had something much more important to worry about.

"Things I've failed to mention" number three... there's a reason I refused to leave the bunker beyond the simple nature of a safehouse or of fearing what would be waiting for me on the outside. Onewinged's notes on bunker defenses were very specific... I'd been hauling in the materials for months without even realizing what the miscellaneous chemicals he'd snuck into every other order were for. And I'll be honest, it was the one part of the instructions I was quite rather willing to ignore... but I guess I did it anyways...

I made a bomb...

...quite a few of them actually...

The whole bunker was rigged to blow the moment that door swung open. I had about fifteen seconds worth of signal delay to run as far as I could... I remember frantically trying to count it out... I remember getting up to three... then the world shook. I remember hearing the sound of the explosions. I remember feeling the heat and the wind hit my back. And then I remember not being on the ground anymore and flailing my legs in the air as I screamed.

I woke up on the ground several yards from where the door- ahh... Should Have Been... It appeared to have flown off its hinges and landed several feet further from where I'd wound up. Smoke was billowing up from the entrance in a thick cloud and burning debris was raining down from the sky. It looked like the entire top of the hill had collapsed inward. My body was aching as I pulled myself from the ground... I was dirty and bleeding from... I don't even know where. I just knew I wasn't sticking around to see if that thing survived. I'm not even taking my chances with that. So I forced my legs to function and ran as fast as I could towards civilization and out of those blasted woods.

You pretty much know the story from there if you think about it... I found a high place to rest, made my post, tried to clean up... stop the bleeding, then I moved on. That's pretty much the whole story... so I guess that's where we are now...

So to recap for the lazy bastards... The bunker is lost. I'm more or less responsible for the deaths of four people. I'm out in the open... and it's probably looking for me.


Now... I think somebody owes me a fucking beer.


  1. I would so buy you that fucking beer. You've earned it.

    1. Tempting. But truce or not, I'll admit I'm still weary of the idea of being around you. Not... quite yet... I don't think.

      But thanks

    2. I don't fucking blame you, really. Just stay the fuck alive, yeah?

  2. I can't legally buy beer. Still, I can buy you a soda if you feel like it.

    Glad to hear you're okay man, stay safe.

    1. That would totally suffice in my present condition.

  3. I'm not sure what it says about me, but the mention of a bomb just gave me the widest grin. Well played, my good sir, well played.

    I don't think you should consider yourself responsible for the deaths of those four people. Well... the last one's a bit of a gray area, but if they all were as Hallowed as you say then... Nevermind, stopping that train of thought before it tragically derails itself and kills the passengers.
    You get the idea.

    Good to know you're alive though.

    1. Yeah, that's a grey area I'd rather not ponder too heavily.

      But yeah... explosions... Yaaaay~ XD
      (except for the getting thrown several feet by a fireball part... yaaaay~ fffffffff-)

  4. Making the bombs was a good idea. I am sure it bought you some time. Congratulations on escaping. Enjoy your freedom, but be careful.

    1. S... S... S... Aaaahhh, ha, haaa! You got yourself a name now! This makes me unreasonably amused. Shade huh? I like that.

      Personally I think living for months in the presence of armed explosive devices is a TERRIBLE IDEA, but it did work out pretty well so I guess I shouldn't complain. Needed all the time I could get to escape from that thing. I just kind of wish it might have actually damaged/killed him... that would have been nice.

      Will be careful. Or as careful as I am able to be in any given scenario.

    2. If prepared properly an armed bomb provides no more risk than a loaded gun. If you know how to use it you can avoid taking any damage yourself.

  5. Ah, unfortunate. It was your situation that piqued my interest. All good things come to an end, it seems. Even if that end is a rather spectacular one. Best of luck.


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