Mar 17, 2012

Operation Brony Phase Two

This may have happened a day or two ago, but I postponed posting it because I tried involving myself in something and that kind of upset the tone of things to just follow seriousness immediately with stupid, so... gave it another day. I'm not sitting on this forever though, so lets just get this out of the way already...

I decided to take a more distanced approach this time. I staked out another nice park with a healthy woodland backdrop and a few tall-ish buildings nearby I could observe the place from. Like previous experiments, I waited around a day or two to see if he'd actually show up in the area before commencing with the experiment. Like before, it was only a matter of time. So I set up shop and prepared for phase two.

Now, I'll admit, I haven't been entirely sure how to approach this dumbass idea of mine from the start so this wasn't the brightest move perhaps, but at least it seemed smarter than the "walk up and hand him a doll" idea. So, the working theory here was that I would set up a pony figure out in the park near to location I last saw him manifest during the previous day, then observe from the rooftops through binoculars (which are fucking expensive by the way... I had to get a cheap ass toy pair and they SUCK... gotta remind myself to look for some in pawn shops or something later) and see if the Construct would take notice of it upon his inevitable return.

So half the day goes by with me lounging on a rooftop staring out at the tree line, back and forth between it and Applejack, waiting for this thing to show up again. Sometime around the point where I was explaining to myself mentally how fucking stupid this whole idea was for the fiftieth time, I felt something that I can only really describe as a "pressure." It was just sort of a feeling, you know? Something not right. So I close my eyes and start swearing under my breath before slowly opening them again and rolling on to my side so I can look behind myself.

Aaaand there he was. With Me. On the fucking rooftop. Standing there behind me, holding one of the other ponies I had laid out back there... because I "might" have gotten bored and started playing with them at some point... Shut up... and just kind of looking at it like I'd seem him do before. Being in kind of a terrible position, I just sort of laid there, staring at him and not making a sound. After a moment or two, he seemed to "look" up enough to indicate that he noticed that I had noticed him. Upon which, he causally set the pony back down and promptly disappeared.

.....yeah, I think I'm done with this one for the time being. These up close and personal moments we've been having with one another, though sweet of him, are really starting to unnerve me in ways that I've been careful not to fully detail while making these reports. I think I would like some "me time" for a bit. So I am packing up my ponies and getting the fuck out of dodge and back on some HIGHER freaking rooftops.


  1. ... Why the fuck is he still playing with your ponies?

    1. I swear to Jesus slendy must be a bronie..

  2. Still funny but let me see if I can try to pull a conclusion out of this.

    Presenting a pony to the master actually increased close contact with the master?

  3. I now see him as a curious, but oddly gleefully vengeful guy when he's around you. Not exactly surprised, for the record.

  4. Well, at least that's over and you can move on to some REAL experiments for a change.

    Wasn't this a waste of time?

    ...Like... Seriously... PONIES?

  5. "Aaaand there he was. With Me. On the fucking rooftop. Standing there behind me, holding one of the other ponies I had laid out back there... because I "might" have gotten bored and started playing with them at some point"

    You have no mastered mood wiplash. We are all so very proud of you.

    I'm so glad I'm not leaving until tomorrow, I would have hated to miss this.

    See you around

  6. With Slender Man There is no 'free' time, so enjoy whatever you envusafge.

  7. I want to congratulate you on a successful test. You have proven that the Slender Man does, in fact, enjoy ponies. This will probably save a lot of lives.

    ...That was actually a joke. It probably won't save any lives, unless you tried to build some sort of armor out of ponies. Which would look ridiculous and probably wouldn't work anyway.

    But in any case, I commend your brave spirit to do stupid stuff in the name of science.

  8. I salute you and you Rushmore sized balls sir.


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