Mar 14, 2012

Passing Time with Questions

Okay, looks like a couple similar inquires are coming in recently, so I figured I'd do what I could to answer them real quick while I'm not particularly busy. If you've got an easy question I didn't answer here, throw it into the comments and I'll try to edit this before I go back into the field tomorrow...

Where are you staying? Where are you finding Shelter?

Can you be more specfic?
High Rooftops

Okay okay, uhh... typically hotels or parking garages (these are totally the best, btw), but really anything that's a good 10-20 stories or taller is good in my book. Higher the better obviously. Getting to the roof is the tricky bit...

Step one, I just follow Doctor Who principles... Walk around like you own the place. Like it's a perfectly natural thing for you to be where ever you are. People don't pay a lot of attention to their surroundings most of the time anyways. So unless you're dressing like a hobo or a character straight out of an anime then odds are they're not going to notice "random guy number 69" and more than they noticed "random guy number 7". So just go about your business and odds are no one will bother you. And if they do? Liiiiie to them. If you can't come up with a good excuse for being there, tell them you're lost and ask them for directions, then calmly leave and find someplace else to infiltrate.

Most places of this nature have roof access, though generally only for maintenance, so it's just a matter of climbing the stairs to the top and then finding that entrance. You'll probably have to use your pocket knife to... and if you don't have a pocket knife, for fucks sake, get yourself a pocket knife... this is survivalist training 101. Anyways, there's typically going to be either some panel to unscrew first or a card reader to bypass, basically just something you're doing to have to disable or remove to ensure you don't set off an emergency/fire alarm. You can do that easily enough with a simple knife. Once that's done, you're in and on the roof. Close the door behind you, hide the evidence. Your tampering will be discovered eventually, so you typically don't want to stay in the same place for multiple nights... unless you're replacing the stuff you tampered with every time you leave or something... but honestly, I'd recommend relocating nightly. I'm pretty sure that's how The Rules are supposed to work.

Parking Garages are a lot simpler since you just walk to the top, hide behind some cars and ...well, there you go. No extra work. You are a bit more vulnerable in these spots though, since they don't have the same infiltration challenges as a rooftop. So... be weary of that bit.

Where are you getting your money?
Well, I've explained the credit card fraud trick already, but that was for when I was in the bunker. I don't have physical cards like that and even if I did, I wouldn't want to be using them in personal face to face senarios. (God I still need to find a way to pay those things off too..)

But I've kind of got a bank account... I just couldn't access that from the bunker. Well, not without doing it online and signing up for a bunch of shit and... I didn't want any transactions traced back to my location or for it to get hacked or something. Typical paranoia. So I didn't touch it. Now that I'm out though, I can hit an atm on the fly and be on my way. I don't exactly have a lot saved up, but it's enough for what I need to get by if I stick to the cheapest resources I can find. I'm hoping to have Plan B worked out before I start running out, but... yeah, story for another time.

My "experiment" materials have mostly been pretty cheap too. I mean, I got that super soaker off the clearance isle. Most expensive thing I've paid for was a hotel room that week that all the storms were going around.

What the fuck are you thinking with this ponies bullshit, have you lost your fucking mind?
Yes. Yes I have. Now shut up and let me handle this bullshit that no one else seems to have the balls to do so that it'll be done and no one else will have to risk their asses trying it.

And hey, you got ideas for better experiments?

One or two "zany researcher types" every blue moon isn't going to be enough for us to ever truly figure this thing out. It'll help, sure, but until we all get in on this together, we're never going to get anywhere.

Now if you're excuse me, I've got fucking ponies to attend to.


  1. If you die, I'll put a pony on your gravestone.

    1. That would be cool of you. XD Thanks.

    2. Which one would you prefer? I'm not a Brony, but I know a few of 'em that might be able to get a hold of what you're looking for.

      ...reading that over, I realize that it sounds like black market dealings. With ponies. This is.. wow. Gargle, I gotta say, this is some weird shit.

  2. Doesn't seem like hanging out on roofs provides much protection from elements, but I'll keep the advice in mind.

    1. Well, with a parking garage, you just have to go down one floor and that pretty much covers you... just locate a centralized hiding spot. You could also follow M's advice and break into apartments/hotel-rooms, but I haven't gotten up the nerve to try anything like that yet.

      Subways would probably provide decent shelter... but that's putting you down low, which is supposedly dangerous... (despite my blog title, lol) ...I should probably test that out though. Oh, and college campuses... plenty of places to hide in one of those, provided you can blend in well enough.

  3. "Now if you're excuse me, I've got fucking ponies to attend to." Hands down the best exit line I've ever heard.

    1. Heh... would it have worked as well if I didn't accidentally typo the damn thing? XD

    2. Unless you're into bestiality, it miiiiiight be a good idea to say "I've got SOME fucking ponies to attend to."

      Because saying stuff like "FUCKING PONIES" kinda gives you a bad rep.

  4. I don't imagine you ever got that pony you gave to the master back?
    Purely out of curiousity.

  5. ... Well, you stick to your guns, I'll give you that.


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