Mar 23, 2012

So what have we learned?

Good Question. Fuck if I know. I've been thinking about it as much as I can, whenever I'm not running around anyways... hm, sometimes even then... but I'm having trouble coming to much of anything you'd call a "conclusion."

Most of the recent experiments I've attempted have been a matter of me going in expecting one result... and getting a completely unexpected result. So the most common factor out of all of it, is that attempting to predict this thing's actions and/or motives is pretty damned near to impossible. Maybe I just went into the experiments not taking enough possible outcomes into account? I mean, I typically went in with a black and white, "He'll either to This or he'll do That" approach... and then he's wind up doing "This Other Thing" instead.

So I've pretty much opted for the option of, "He's fucking with me." Trying to mess with my perceptions and get me to drop my guard in the confusion. Well, that ain't happening mister. The more confused and/or terrified you make me the more my guard is going UP.

Still, to simply say he's been toying with me the whole time is a mistake within itself. Because that's the most obvious conclusion to make in regards to the situation. And as I recently commented on the Overseer's blog, the most obvious conclusion is almost always WRONG. And my experiments kind of back that up. All of the most obvious conclusions were wrong. The results were always something unexpected and far from the obvious. An attribute to the Construct's chaotic nature perhaps, but a fact nonetheless. So perhaps the correct conclusion is to assume that the Construct is not toying with me and that these were all genuine, natural responses to the stimuli which I introduced him to. Okay. Lets say that's what it was. Now what?

...Another good question...

I don't know.

Start carrying around Emergency Ponies? I don't- Ffffffffff-

So, yeah. Okay. Not making a lot of headway here. But I may be on to "something" at least. Lets pretend that's progress. I'll get back to work coming up with ideas for testing and trying to play a more logical game with as many of them as I can.


  1. If he really does think you're a child and he really is just playing with you...

    You're in for a whole different world of problems. He doesn't just let children grow up. Not his favorites.

  2. Out of curiosity, what happens when this "innocent" plan turns vengeful?

  3. Not all experiments lead to viable conclusions. Some, like this, lead to no conclusion at all. I hope any further experiments are more fruitful.

    I do believe, however, that people will start to call you "Ponyboy." Please, take it as a compliment.

    1. I can live with that. Just one more addition to the growing mountain of nicknames.

  4. The clock counts down. Midnight draws near.

    Watch and pay heed, my dancing children, for my Prodigal Daughter returns to me.

    1. Oh. LOOK. You left this on MY blog too. GOOD. I don't feel awkward commenting on it here!

      I'm not sure who you are... I've got some "ideas" of course, but lets not give you the advantage of a multiple choice selection to pick from. But in this one rare instance I'm going to give heed to the notion that you're not some gamejacking fucktard. In which case... Know this much. If I have to come find you. You will not be happy. You will not be fucking happy AT ALL.

      Especially, especially, especially if you had anything to do with what happened to her. She had better somehow still be alive god damnit. For your fucking sake you asshole.

  5. I can't leave you alone for any amount of time, can I? "Logical", when has that ever worked for you before?

    See you around

    1. Hey, I like to pretend that all of my bullshit is Insanely Logical. So there. Xp


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