Mar 2, 2012

I Forgot to Mention

I was focused on the actual report thing I guess, so it slipped my mind. Came back to me today. Just want to get it off my chest.

Hoodies fucking Suck.

I mean seriously, why do so many people wear these things? This piece of shit is entirely impractical if you're going around with the hood up. Your range of sight is shot all to hell. You're being stalked by eldritch abominations and psycho killers, do you really need to be limiting your field of vision? I mean, it's really hard to try and be cool and watch your back when instead of just making some causal barely noticeable glance over your shoulder, you have to turn half your body and entire head around to get a look behind yourself because there's this huge piece of fabric blocking both sides of your face. Yeah, I'm sure your stalker didn't notice THAT move. Way to give away the fact that you're paranoid! Are you sure there's not a way we could make this even MORE obvious??

Stupid thing doesn't even keep your head warm. What a ripoff.


  1. I find that the hood keeps your head warm. I also find that it prevents you from constantly glancing around unnecessarily and letting paranoia set in. Just my opinion though. -shrug-

  2. Hm, guess there's a good counter point to everything... but I dunno. Given the situation, I'd prefer to be fully aware of my surroundings. Not being able to see to my immediate left and right is kind of annoying... especially when you're crossing a street... <.<;

  3. Sight is only one of your senses. With practice you can very aware of your surroundings without having to be able to see around you. Of course I would prefer having a full range of vision, but wearing a hood should not be a substantial disability.

  4. For keeping your head warm: I recommend wearing a fedora. Seriously, it keeps the sun out of your eyes when it's bright, it keeps your head warm when it's cold, and it just looks cool. I would wear one all the time if I could.

  5. I don't like hoodies... I have a long, purple-blue-black patchwork knit coat with an over-sized droopy hood, a belt, and a twirly bottom that's served me pretty well, even with people being loons and wanting to be in the North, where it's cold in the winter. I usually wear hats, though.

  6. But I like my hoodie. Though to be fair I've never had to deal with it and running, as the few months of my being stalked were invariably warm. Ah well, it's getting to be warmer anyways, time to retire the hoodie for another set of warm months, hopefully these will better than last years.

    See you around

  7. Hoodies are a nice touch to keep people from seeing YOU. Thought that was the point.

    1. People already don't know what I look like, so I don't think that's a problem. Cept for my "haircut" I think I blend in rather nicely.


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