Jun 28, 2012


3 - "Most of them can't remember it, you know?" same place as before... but Onewinged's not here... he doesn't move around a lot... i think he's tied to the chair... "Most of them go about their lives never even realizing he was there. But me? I remember... I remember it all. That makes me special. I'm one of his favorites, don't you see?"

"Tch, you're a pawn like all the rest."

3 - "Well, you would know, wouldn't you?"

"Stuff it"

3 - "I think you're just jealous. Jealous because I'm better than you. Because I was chosen for a higher purpose. You're just another scrap of meat at the bottom of the pile, waiting to be thrown to the dogs."

"I said Shut Up."

3 - "At the end of the day, you and I both know that I'm our only ticket out of this. I'm the only one with a plan. The only one that stands a chance in the grand scheme of things. Without me you'd be nothing. You'd be dead already. Your little 'friend' too. You're lucky I still have a use for you."

the angle changes again... there's a gun pointed at the man... he's still smiling...

"I've had enough of your bullshit!"

3 - "What's this? Have a struck a nerve? Is the little Mouse trying to frighten the Cat?"

"Stop acting like you're better than us you sick freak!"

3 - "Now now deary, that would require me to have started acting in the first place. The truth is that I've always been better than you. This latest matter merely confirms it." smug... always so smug...

1 - "What the hell are you Doing?!?" another shift... Onewinged is here... "Are you crazy?! Put that thing away!"

"No! Fuck this! I've had enough! We're not dealing with this bastard anymore!"

1 - "Damnit, you know he's delusional, stop letting him get inside your head!"

3 - "Yes, that's right, you know I'm delusional. Stop making it so Easy~" sugar-coated venom...

"I will fucking kill you right now."

1 - "If you pull that trigger I swear to god I will never forgive you. Do not stand there and let yourself be lowered to his level!"

the gun is shaking...

3 - "Noooo~ don't listen to hiiiim~ Do iiiiiit~! You knoooow you want to~! Be a man! Kill me!!"

1 - "***!!" ...he yelled my name...

...the gun is lowered...

3 - "Heh... I knew you didn't have the ba-" he was cut off... by what appeared to be my foot colliding with his face... knocking him and his chair over onto the ground...

"We're leaving."

Onewinged looks upset... the room begins to move towards a door... all I can hear is laughing...


  1. You should've shot him. It certainly would've saved you the irritation in the long run.

  2. I like three personally. No hesitation. He simply knew he was right.


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