Jun 25, 2012


Onewinged is here... he's leaned against a wall or something... there's another man sitting... across from me? Angle keeps shifting... don't recognize him... talking...

3 - "But that's the beauty of it, don't you see?" there's this smirk on his face, like he's proud about something... like he's smarter than the rest of us... "It doesn't just wipe your memory, that's just a unpleasant side-effect. The acid counteracts the infection, it nullifies His hold on you, breaks it. The chain's been severed, like you never had contact. Complete Freedom."

1 - "I've read the same blogs you have, it's not that simple." his expression... can't tell if he's angry or just really skeptical... "It leaves you stupid and vulnerable because you don't know what's going on anymore. By the time you recover, it's too late, he's already got you again."

3 - "They weren't careful enough.... they kept blogging, kept digging, trying to get their memories back." smug... smug... smug... look on his... "Went down the wrong path and straight back into His arms. Didn't have a chance that way. If they'd just left it well enough alone, let the past lie, like so many childhood memories lost, and they'd have been fine. Without seeking the truth in Him, He'd have never found them again."

1 - "So you say... but you can't prove it."

3 - "On the contrary, I've seen it all play out quite a few times now. The bastard keeps watch on his test subjects you see and I get to go along for the ride from time to time, as you well know by now." familiar... familiar... familiar... who the fuck is

1 - "You'll excuse me if I don't take your word for it. Anything he's shown you could just be another one of his tricks. He plays games with lives. How could you trust anything that man-"

3 - "Because he's on our siiiiiide~!" interruption... pissed... Onewinged is definitely pissed... "Think about what we're dealing with for a moment. He can't very well just act against him outright. Luckily for us he's so clever... he's got it all figured out you see. He uses what power our mutual 'friend' provides him to serve while subtly acting in defiance. How many runners has he let get away when he had them right where he wanted them? You really think it'd have been so easy to rescue them if he'd been working against us? Hmm hm hmm... and of course, that's why he makes The Deal. He needs willing subjects for the experiment. Willing souls are so much easier to work with, you know? It allows him to further his goals while still giving the appearance of following orders. The true nature of his plans will all be revealed in time. They're too far reaching to be stopped."


....I think that was me....

3 - "Oh? So you doubt me then? You've got all the answers do you?" that look... "I suppose you would think that, wouldn't you? I'm just a lowly vessel after all, I'm not really in the service of He That Is." that stupid... smug...

1 - "That's Enough! We've already been over this!"

3 - "Have we?" shit eating grin... "I must have forgotten... I'm not always here you know."

1 - "Please, just- I'm trying to trust you, but you're not making this easy for any of us."

3 - "Yet you trust that one without question?" nodded at me?

"Watch It" a growl... the angle shifts again... higher than before...

1 - "Stop! Just stop!"

a calm...

1 - "We're not doing the acid."

3 - "It's the only way."

1 - "We'll find Another Way."

3 - "Like what? The only weapon we ever had was The Heel and I destroyed- Kkhhkk!!" some kind of cough... he looks angry at himself for a moment... then he recovers... "HE destroyed it. There wasn't any choice of course... He wasn't ready to act yet. But soon... soon... that's why we have to find the right dosage. If we can get the delivery right then it will help him to-"

1 - "We're not helping that bastard. We're only associating with him at all because we're trying to save you."

3 - "......who said I wanted to be saved?"


  1. Hey. What's the idea recommending that Ars Goetia thing?

    You trying to get me killed.

    I said I wanted to find him.

    I didn't say I wanted to make him randomly show up and try to kill me.

    It's a good thing I read ahead to see what happened before trying it.

    1. Finding him and not dying is much, much harder than simply finding him. If you see him, odds are that he sees you. And, as the above post shows, it takes a lot to get out of his sight.

    2. And if you read a bit farther, you'll find an entry in which they use the same summoning process to call him away to different locations by setting up tape players which would play the recorded incantations. Allowing them to call it to locations they were not. This method could potentially be used to summon him to a desired location while you observe from afar... or through a security camera... or basically whatever you want to do with that.

      Alternatively... you could say I was checking to see how stupid you really are. Now that I think we're on the same page... Any attempt, forced or not, to locate this thing will invite hell. There is no "Safe" means of approaching it. Additionally, if memory serves correct... and that's a big "maybe" at this moment in time... people have deliberately sought it out before, TRYING to draw it to them, and were completely ignored. You don't get to choose when and how you find it... Be impatient all you like. If he's intend on keeping you waiting... Then You'll WAIT.

    3. I never asked for a safe meeting.

      I merely asked for one without surprise.

      Of course though you're right.

      It probably is foolish to try and find him if he doesn't want to be found.

      However, I refuse to believe that doing so is impossible.

      Good luck with your problems.

      I hope things go well.

      Meanwhile I'll continue trying.

  2. Don't forget. You mustn't forget. You must hold onto your memories and use them as fuel.

    To forget is to no longer be alive.

  3. Sounds like you made a bad deal. Or got a bad deal forced on you.

    You still sound like a runner though. How proud of yourself must you be?


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