Nov 29, 2011

Right... So, Hello Again.

Um... yeah. About that.

I’ve sort of been laid out on this nice cold concrete floor puking my guts out for the past week or so.

It wasn’t pretty. And I wasn’t exactly happy about it. And I’d have responded to people sooner, but that would have required getting up you see... and I was having far too much fun not moving.

So, obvious question first. No. It hasn’t shown up. It wasn’t responsible.

Okay. Question two. What the fuck happened? Well, hell if I know. I’m not a doctor. I got sick. Really... Really... fucking sick. Soooo... yeah. All I could tell you is that I was in “Happy Fun Times in the Floor” Land.

I’ve got some medicine here, but its kind of limited supply and, again, not a doctor. So between not knowing what to take and trying to ration, lets just say that stuff didn’t help me out much. I’m assuming I either had a bit of a bug before I came down here and it’s slowly been working away at me... Or I just magically made myself sick from all of my undocumented outbursts and depression over the last few weeks coupled with the less than perfect environment I’m stuck in and- I don’t have a fucking clue. I got sick, okay? I’m better now. Mostly... End of story.

Needless to say I’ve disinfected the floor and most of the rest of the room about a dozen times now. I think it’s fine now though. Still smells like cleaner though. Hope that doesn’t last.

I've actually been mobile for a day or two now, but I just didn't want to deal with any of this shit for a while after that whole ordeal and admittedly I was kind of afraid everyone would be pissed at me and not want to see my big dumb stupid head for a little while... so I just let it go a while longer. Now that I'm back however... ahh, hahaaaa... Well. I guess I've got a bit of catching up to do huh? I'll touch on that in a bit, just wanted to get this much out first. Expect another update in an hour or so once I'm done collecting my thoughts.


  1. Dude, I don't speak for the entirety of the Runners... but it's obvious that you're having trouble dealing with him just like the Runners are.

    You're human.

    It's only natural you'd get upset at one point. I'm just glad you're calm and I hope you get better.

  2. I think I've mellowed out, yeah. I know better than to let myself get overwhelmed now.

    Doesn't stop certain things from annoying me, but so long as I keep my cool about it I can still bitch as much as I want. ^.^

  3. Be careful with the fumes off of those damn chemicals, yeah? You'll start getting sick all over again if you aren't careful.


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