Nov 19, 2011

It’s Hot...

Okay... so... sorry about the outburst.

...but this is really getting to me. And I’m stuck in this fucking hole. And...

God why is it so hot in here??

I mean sure... yeah... no central heating and air. It’s a god damned hole in the earth. Not meant to be a livable space regardless of how well or unwell you fixed it up...

But noooo... no, no, no... it’s too hot. It’s too hot for fucking
asdfj sajfdsf
a fj
dsjo fdfox

i need to lie down


  1. Oh hey, good job idiot. did you ever stop to think what happens if you get /ill/ while you're locked away where no one can find you in a fucking hole in the ground?
    Doubting it.
    Have fun with that

  2. Hey. Get the hell out of wherever you are. It's clearly doing you no good being down there.

  3. Oh dear.

    ... seems you're in quite the predicament. And with predicaments come choices, right?

    Keep in mind that you're no use to anyone if you're dead.

  4. Yes lie down... Also, I'm assuming youhavesome kind of shower there... Maybe you could use that to bring downyourtemperature?

    Hope you're alright

  5. It's been a few days, you still breathing in there?

    See you around

  6. This is probably pointless to tell you now, (and this is meant as unpervertedly as possible), get wet, naked, and on the ground. Heat rises, and damn it, you were overworking yourself.


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