Nov 12, 2011

Lets see... Everyone's Organs Still in Place?

Good. Good. This should be a short post then.

Lets see... so, unless I've overlooked something... and I checked everywhere I know to check... there weren't any major activities taking place the other day were there? I decided to refrain from posting anything about it because I didn't want to jynx the situation and prompt worry over it, but yesterday was the fabled and long awaited 11/11/11. Which no doubt 11:11:11 passed in both the AM and PM several times over the course of the day thanks to the handy invention that is "timezones." And yet... nothing really happened to speak of, did it? There was a bit of posting here and there, but none related to Construct activity taking place on the day in question.

I've been reading over quite a few things in the early posting about the Construct about how it "likes repeating numbers." And certainly it seems that certain activities and hauntings seemed to coincide with particular dates, times, street addresses, or room numbers in which some repeating digit where involved. But if there were truly a pattern to be found here, then surely the Construct would not have passed up the opportunity to cause absolute havoc on such a perfectly aligned set of numerals as 11/11/11 at 11:11:11. You're never going to see that many repeating digits in a date and time combination for another hundred years.

But nothing happened, did it? Not really... Certainly nothing we can verify at the very least.

So I think I'm going to step up on my imaginary pedestal and proclaim bullshit on this whole affair. All previous instances of the Construct showing an interest in appearing at moments in which digits repeat are merely happenstance. Pure coincidence. Just another idea in a long line of straw-grasping theories that have been proven untrue. Our understanding of the Construct and its nature is once again set back yet another step further. Chaos cannot be predicted through numerical patterns. No such correlation exists.

Moving on...


  1. No major activities? You mean other than rescuing three people from certain death at the hands of a forest Loop of doom?

  2. I was to understand that venture had only just begun... am I mistaken? So little time has passed since you said you were leaving for the rescue mission.

  3. It's been two days and some change. How long do you think it takes to get there? I have a car, makes things go faster.

  4. I couldn't say. I'm not certain where you started out from, where exactly you need to end up, and how great a distance that is to cumulatively cover. And even then, my cross country driving experience is rather minimal, so any estimation I could muster would probably be... off by a significant margin.

    Though in retrospect, I had meant Construct related activity(as in, It actually doing something; not the rest of us meddling about). Given that this situation with the kids has been going on for some time now, you could hardly attribute yesterday's date as holding any greater significance than any other day so far.

  5. I suppose I found it vaguely amusing/horrifying considering how the three people I saw die during the rescue died...

    Also, I'd say, in my experience, the things that we do to stop him are a lot more important than the things he does to us, as far as keeping up to date goes.

  6. Well it is only the 12th, it might be some time before people who were affected come forward with exactly what happened, though in fairness three cases have emerged regarding yesterday, maybe more in the places I'm not watching as well. I would be a little disapointed if all that would surface has, but I do suppose it wouldn't be the most impossible result if he just decided not to step up the activity all that much, either.

    See you around

  7. @Cage - Hm, that's true...
    Still, it just seems like there'd have been a larger showing of activity if the repeating digits motif were truly a factor in the Construct's behaviors.

    And there have been plenty of similar opportunities to play on the double digits over the course of the year... April fourth, May fifth, etc, etc... 11:11:11 on any given day of the week... <.<;; or hell, 06:06:06, that's creepy, right? Yet most often than not, nothing of significance happens on these days, if anything happens at all. Yesterday was something on an "ultimate stress test" for the theory in my book... and I'd have to say it failed that test. Nothing I've read of the few events that did take place that day seem to have had any significance regarding the actual date or time. (The most significant event, which Elaine spoke of, has been going on for an extended period of time now, so I see no reason to count yesterday as any more special than the other days of torment those kids lived through.)

    Shit just happens.

  8. The 111111 bullshit just gave me a headache. I enjoyed laughing at the fact that absolutely nothing actually happened that day, despite theories to the contrary.

    It's nice.. knowing that the old theories were incorrect.


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