Nov 9, 2011


Originally I had different title planned and a bit of a different outline for what I wanted to say today, but circumstances seem to have presented me with an opportunity to approach this from a more immediately relevant angle, so... Here we go.

A lot of people seem to be having a proverbial "Hissy Fit" over the new Morningstar. Already acquaintances of the former Morningstar are up at arms against the new namebearer and shouting back and forth about how he will never be "Morningstar." How he will never be better than his predecessor in any way. And I just don't see that as being very fair... Because you see folks, the fact of the matter is, he already IS Morningstar and he stands just as good a chance of being a BETTER Morningstar.

I believe this is the part where the sunglasses are supposed to fall down and I tell you to "Deal With It."

And I feel perfectly justified by that statement for one very simply reason. "Morningstar" is a Title. A role attributed to a name. Nothing more, nothing less. He didn't even choose it you know? It was passed on to him by Valtiel. He merely accepted and embraced the title. Is it really so different from Zero accepting and embracing the title of "Sage" when it was passed to him by Robert? The creation and passing of such titles has become rather commonplace, even in the absence of the theory which spawned them.

So what you're really trying to say, but poorly phrasing, is that this new Morningstar will never be the same as "Luke Cifer." This... is a valid argument. Just as Zero could never be Robert, as Hakurei shall never be Maduin. Such things are impossible. These are different people. People with opposing views, habits, and personalities. Each an individual, regardless of any title they so happen to share. The Title does not make the person who they are... the Person makes the person who they are.

This is perhaps why, and now we're getting to my actual point, I believe it is better for individuals to title themselves. Because who knows you better than yourself? Or course Robert failed in his delivery of Titles to the people he met. How could he not? What did he really know about any of the people he passed along a name to? Only the faintest portions of their personalities which they had chosen to reveal through their blogs. And look how well that turned out... the Titles were either abandoned or placed upon shoulders unfit to carry them, resulting in confusion as players tried desperately to adhere to a roll they had no place being in. (My sincerest apologies, dear Zero, you clung too desperately to a name you were never meant to hold.)

A title is, psychologically, no different than a mask... be it a physical or mental one. It is a name based upon aspects of your nature, and perhaps your situation or environment, which empowers you though some means to apply yourself towards a given goal. It describes a role, self-imposed and self-fulfilled. A title can be changed as needed(Free to Cage to Free again) or many titles can be worn simultaneously(Seer-Jester-Sage)... but at the end of the day, the title still represents you, be it your entire self or merely a particular aspect of your persona. It is something which defines you, but by no means controls you.

Titles may still be passed, but it is up to you whether you accept that designation as a part of yourself. It cannot be forced upon you, nor should you accept one arbitrarily. Know your own role. Play your own part. Accept no substitutions.

All this said, I certainly hope that our new Morningstar will chose a name of his own one day. Though he may seek to burn as the brightest star, only time will tell if it is truly his place to claim that destiny. Who knows what fate his future holds? Time will tell I suppose... as it will tell for us all.

Best of Luck, MK-II.


  1. Um. No. You're wrongn. Morningstar chose his own name. The proxybstrs decided tsteal lit when he left.
    Fuckd yoiu, youre wrong

  2. The Mad Ventriloquist likes titles. He gave himself one. The Mad Ventriloquist. He likes it. He thinks it serves his purpose. But he assumes that some titles could be given and still a good thing. Like nicknames. Some people say that only other people can give someone a nickname. They can't make one up themselves. Which sort of says the opposite of what Gargoyle is saying.

    At the same time, Elaine is right. Morningstar chose his name. He chose other people's names too. He was quite the namer. It was his. Luke Cifer didn't really fit him very well. Like at all. He was Morningstar. Morningstar was him.

    Then again, the devil is probably getting really angry about all this. All these people using his name.

  3. You know, there's this philosophical ideology created by Gramsci; Dominant Ideology and Hegemonic rule.

    In simple terms, it states that the best form of control is for, well, the person you're controlling to think they have choice.

    ... which would, of course, bring up some very difficult implications. What if Luke was just playing directly into their hands the whole time? What if no choice was truly his own? There seems to be a lot more possibilities of cause than anyone is comfortable admitting.

    Because if he didn't really have choice? If someone was just pulling the strings? Well, then; It's hard to call a puppet a monster.

  4. Well I have to admit you have me at least thinking about the value of nameing oneself. You're certianly execllente at pulling out examples, too, well done. Heh, I even got a cameo, those are always fun.

    "Titles may still be passed, but it is up to you whether you accept that designation as a part of yourself. It cannot be forced upon you, nor should you accept one arbitrarily. Know your own role. Play your own part. Accept no substitutions."

    Absolutly a wonderful way to look at it, if more people had this ideology than perhapes core theory wouldn't have been as big a failure.

    And Mad Ventriloquist, you're comment made me laugh, start posting again, I enjoy your case studies.

    See you around

  5. I think I like you, Gargoyle guy. I especially like that you're willing to flat out say that they're being goddamn idiots about the whole "Morningstar" thing. Whether or not he started getting sane by the end, he was still a psychotic killer at all times. It's just that sometimes he was a psychotic killer who wasn't bound to a multi-dimensional faceless prick. And whether he was or wasn't, he killed entire families just to watch them die.

    IN short: Elaine and company, get over it. Your psycho-killer is dead. Long live the new psycho-killer.

  6. Ahh words, how they fail me at every turn... XD

    Allow me to clarify a keypoint noted here. When I said "He didn't even choose it you know?" I was referring to MK-II, not Luke. I am aware that Luke chose his own designation, that's where the title came from in the first place. Confusion cleared now? Sorry. When you're talking about to two different people while using the same name and suddenly switch to just "he" than I guess this sort of thing happens. I'll call a "my bad" on that one.

    @Elaine - I hope my explanation above helps a bit, but I stand by my opinion otherwise. Sorry.

    @TMV - It is a good title you hold, yes.
    And nicknames and the like can certainly be given and still fit. I think I prefer Maduin as my best example... When you think of him, which comes to mind first? Sage? Or Jester? Certainly he may have played the role of Sage remarkably, but the title we remember him best for is the one which he chose for himself. It just fits him so much better, don't you think?

    @Spencer - I'll admit I had a bit of trouble following you here, but I think you were also addressing the notion that Luke didn't chose his name and such, so now that I've cleared that up I'm thinking I don't really need to debate much of your argument there. I'll acknowledge you have an interesting point there however... I'm just not sure what else to say about it.

    @Cage - Well, I certainly seem to be becoming a name dropper... XD but how else do I explain myself without using such examples?

    The problem with Core Theory application is that Robert tried to apply generic labels to people, based within the concept of characters in a story. But this is the real world and people are more complex than the cookie cutter designs proposed by his Core Theory. Each of us is individually unique, having much more detailed personas and roles.

    @Ahh... Nick? ^.^;; (I Guess? Hard to tell when two people are posting under your title... I seem to be having that problem a lot here, huh?)
    In any case, thanks I suppose. I knew this was perhaps a touchy subject, but best not to beat around the bush... I had a point to be made, so better to be direct about it.

    And true, Luke was never really a "Good Person" to begin with, but to be fair, I like to believe that he was... Redeemable.

  7. And I maintain that stealing someone's name and giving it to someone else, ESPECIALLY when you're giving it to someone who not only represents everything Star died trying to reject but who actively spits on him, that is just WRONG.

  8. The best names, the ones that reveal the most, are the ones we choose for ourselves. The ones given to us reveal more about the giver.

  9. When The Mad Ventriloquist thinks of Maduin, he thinks "Bunny guy". Which probably wasn't a title. But that's what happens when people run around in awesome masks.

  10. "IN short: Elaine and company, get over it. Your psycho-killer is dead. Long live the new psycho-killer."

    finally. somone fuckin says it. THANKYOU! VERY! MUCH!

  11. When I read these comments, I have to resist the urge to facepalm, repeatedly. People bicker over NAMES. The guy you care so much for is dead. The ideas that he used, the jokes he told, hell, flaming baby baseball were all his. And all of you are getting huffy because the new guy's different? That's the point! Be grateful he isn't trying to steal Star's schtick, that would be so much more painful and disrespectful.

    So the guy wants to make a 'new' name for himself, and be completely different. Hero-worshipping and following orders blindly, ya know what, let him. It just shows how much of a difference between the two there really is.


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