Nov 18, 2011

Overwhelming Data

So, I’ve been at this a while now. Obviously.

And it’s starting to make me crazy. Not in the fun “Slendy’s fucking with my mind” way either. Just plain “driving me up the wall” natural insanity. Stir crazy would be an understatement at this point.

I got locked down here with one simple goal in mind. Absorb information. Read. Watch. Learn. Find some way to beat this thing or at the very least evidence of activities which would be generally beneficial towards staying alive while being stalked by this thing.

I’ve got ALL THE TIME IN THE WORLD... No outside obligations... No family responsiblities... No job... No school... No fucking chores... No slender stalking fuck... NOTHING. I take two hours out of the day to eat and exercise. Every other waking second of consciousness I spend at or around this gods damned computer trying to take in as much information as humanly possible. I’ve Got All The Time In The World.

...And it is NOT Enough.

There is just Too Much data here.

On July 2nd of 2010, Zeke Strahm, a detective, asked for assistance from the void of the internet for every piece of evidence they could find related to the Construct. One week later, on Friday, July 9, 2010, he presented his findings to the world. And he did a damn fine job in presenting his evidence and laying out logical foundations for how this thing works that Still Hold Up Today. That man had Unfathomable Perception.

But it’s been a year ladies and gents... well over in fact... and I’m no fucking detective.

The pool of information that Zeke had to work with has since grown to such an extent that to label it with a multiplier would not do it justice. No. The evidence has increased Exponetially. By an indeterminate factor. There is so much information. So much conflicting data. There is a new blog... a new blogger... Every. Other. Week. To even attempt to absorb it all is madness! There is Too Much. TOO MUCH!!

I see all these fools stumbling into the game and going “Oh hey, I better do some research to find out what I’m up against!” and then they come back not 24 hours later all “Okay! I am totally up to speed and ready to fight this thing!” NO. No You Are Not! You Don’t Know ANYTHING. You’ve barely skimmed the fucking surface of the behemoth of information that is the Slender Man! Fuck! FUCK YOU! At best, ignoring comments, and not SLEEPING, you’d be lucky to read though all of The mother-fucking Tutorial over the course of half a day! And guess what asshole?! As useful as it is, The Tutorial is so pathetically out of date that to be relying on it as your sole means of survival is completely asinine! M is a brilliant mother fucker, but where the fuck is he, huh?! WHERE?!? He Abandoned Us! How much has changed since he disappeared?? He came back and was so completely out of the loop he didn’t even know where to start! And then before he could even begin to catch up and try answering your questions, he fucking disappeared again! How. FUCKING. USELEEESSSSSSSS!!!!

...Oh fuck.

Oh god...


...I don’t think I can do this.


  1. For all of the yelling this in not an overstatment, catching up with things is nearly impossible. My goal is simply to follow as many current blogs as well as I can, and once a week look through the entire history of a blog I have not yet gone through. It isn't as fast, but it keeps me from feeling Overwhelmed. You're no good to yourself if you burn out, play some video games, download a good book or movie, and spend some time with your own thoughts, if you go crazy you'll actually get less out of your research.

    See you around

  2. Shove it up your ass. You're the only one who expects you to read all of that, and honestly, I read through the bulk of the big blogs of the past year or so in two weeks-holding down two jobs and actively running from Slender.
    Cry me a fucking river, you asshole.


    In terms of modern research, Take The Myth and Spencer of Return to Slender came up with "Page Theory", which is possibly the best explanation of my understanding of how IT works.

    There HAVE been other researchers on this stuff besides the Sages. Take a look around. And try to relax. Going crazy only helps if you've got an outlet for it.

  4. Wow, you're just a great big ball of Sunshine, aren't you? You know ELAINE, had this come about two weeks ago, I'd have probably been upset over the fact that you're so visibly angry with me for some reason. But now that I've come to realize that you're such an impressively STUPID murdering BITCH, I don't think I really care anymore!

  5. ... You insulted Cam. I tell the universe about what he's done for me, and you insult him.
    There are very few ways to earn my eternal anger.
    You've found two of them. Morningstar and Cam.
    Good job, you asshole.
    And no, personal insults don't bother me.
    Consider me your newest troll, darlin.

  6. Clearly they do though, else you wouldn't be bothering with me. I struck a nerve and now you're trolling me because you're pissed. So don't even try playing the big "Oh you can't bother me, I'm too big for that" card, because you're already sitting in a great big heap of failure on that front.

    You do not make deals with the devil and expect everything to turn out okay. So yeah, he was an idiot. He sold his soul to help you and what did it earn him? Nothing. He lived a life of pain and now he's DEAD. And the person he did it all to save isn't any better off for it. Because you're still running, you're still miserable, and like everyone else, you're still going to die by It's hand. He sacrificed himself for a nothing. For a lie. You're never going to beat this thing pulling selfish stunts like that.

  7. ...And another one bites the fuckin' dust. I'd suggest stepping away from the computer buddy. You don't want to slip up and say things you'll regret when you get like this, believe me.

    Plus, I don't want to have to fucking punch you if you say another WORD about MY friends. Leave M and Elaine the fuck out of your crazy fucking rampage, yeah?

  8. Sage. Sage. SAGE. I'd fucking relish in a punch from you, if only for the sweet embrace of physical contact with another human being! But lets be honest with ourselves, I'd be about as difficult to track down as your illustrious "friend," whom last I checked you STILL haven't caught up with. So I don't think that's going to be happening any time soon.

    But save one up for me. Who knows what the future might hold.

  9. And you're never going to have a chance with any of us if you just continue to act like an idiot. c:

    Oh, has the reading gotten a bit to difficult?

    Fine. Give up. No harm, no foul.


    Real classy there, harping on a dead person. <3

  10. A person who's dead for a reason. A stupid one. We're supposed to be LEARNING from mistakes like that. Sorry if I have to point that out to teach people something.

  11. This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.

  12. gargoyle, ignore the desperate runners who have lost everything and now are desperately looking for some reason to still fight.

    your 100% correct. you couldnt POSSIBLY keep up with all of this fuck-ton of data. but dont go crazy and lock yourself in the basement man, if anything that will just drive you insane (which it has already started to)

    keep it goin man. but keep it PACED.

  13. Haaaaaaaahahahahahahahaha


    Fuck you.

    For the record? No one has called me a Sage in so name is Shaun. Shove your fancy technical terms up your ass.

    I will hurt you if we ever come face to face.

  14. The Mad Ventriloquist thinks Gargoyle needs some sleep. Maybe hot chocolate. Probably beer. Beer fixes everything. Especially research related stress.

    The Mad Ventriloquist also thinks people are looking at the Cam situation all wrong. Of course it was stupid. Love is stupid. It's also pretty awesome. And people seem to think that the sacrifice was pointless. It wasn't. Elaine had years without those memories. She had a friend that was there for her.

    So, there was still the stalking and the dying and torture was involved, but that sorta thing happens. It was going to happen. And Cam decided it would happen to him.

    Sacrifice is not smart. But it isn't pointless, and no one should be yelled at for doing it because it is a wonderful fuzzy thing full of noble intentions. And the people behind might have to believe that. Because what is the point otherwise? If love doesn't save, what does? Things like this have to mean something, otherwise nothing does.

    The Mad Ventriloquist feels like he got off topic.

  15. TMV, have I mentioned that I fucking love you, dude? You put that into words beautifully.

  16. Agreed, honesty without cruelty, I don't thonk you went off topic, but you did make a good point either way.

    See you around

  17. You know, dear, I would like to take this opportunity to point out that some people are tossed into this situation without the opportunity to do ANY research. I'd say that you're quite a bit better off than them. So really, it's probably alright for you to slow down, since all the stress seems to have gone straight to your head.

  18. @Constance, I would say that it certainly did. I think I've cleared that up now though... "Think" being the keyword of course.

  19. I think in general... the hornets nest was jabbed at repeatedly on both sides. But hey, as I was just telling a dear friend of mine, pissing people off is a great way to get them to pay attention.

    Also, bad publicity = good publicity, yesno?

    fuck it, I'm just tired and trying to get through your blog while I can still stand it.


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