Oct 20, 2011

Systems Online

Gotta make it light.

Seems strange to be following the advice of a dead man. But then again, I suppose humanity lives and acts by the words of dead men every day. So perhaps it isn't so foolish after all.

Not that I mind it anyways. I prefer the lighter colors. The darker shades are just... depressing.

I thought about adding some grays I guess but... I think I'm going to be staring at quite enough gray for a while thank you. So we'll just stick with the blue. Blue is nice... I like blue.

Christ, where am I going with this?

I guess introductions and everything are in order. I've got a lot of explaining to do, but I think I'll just keep everything short and simple for now. It took me well over half the day to get the rest of this shit up and running, and frankly I'm exhausted. So I'll just save the big long spill about where I am and what I’m doing for tomorrow. The sooner I'm curled up in the corner and unconscious, the better. My eyes are burning from staring at this damn screen all day...

Let's cut right to the chase then. This is another one of THOSE blogs. Meant for those people who know of Him or are soon to know Him. To be used as a guidepost and, if you're willing, a communications hub... intended to unite those who fight against Him. The impossible entity which we have chosen to call "The Slender Man."

As for myself, I am The Gargoyle.
Ever watching, Ever waiting.
A solitary Guardian, through Darkness and Light.


  1. Interesting. Well then let us consider ourselves allies.

  2. You did a double take when you got to post number four didn't you?

    Ahh... but well met indeed.

  3. -smiles- I figured I should start from the beginning, if I'm to get to know who you are. Why you're important. Why your name has started showing up in the circles I watch. You know, the normal.

    So, in case I didn't introduce myself properly before.. my name is Dialga Renalda. It is nice to 'meet' you.

  4. I'm starting here, I saw your name pop up on Manic's blog, and since he's trusting you, I feel like I at least learn what your all about.


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