Oct 28, 2011


I've been trying to work myself into a routine to help myself get settled in. It's not easy being locked up in a cell of your own design, but I guess I'm managing. Definitely missing fresh air though. I can't say the same about my arch nemesis The Sun however.

Uggggggghhhhhhhh.... Moan, moan, bitch, complain....

ANYWAYS. Thought I might give you all a little picture of my mornings. A "Day In the Life" as it were... (God, I still have to catch up on all of those vlogs too. This mountain of data is Endless!) I don't know if it will be helpful to anyone or not, but hey, something to fill time with until I have actual theories to post. Or I force myself to finish my own damned story...

I'll have to apologize upfront for being vague on my timeframes, but I'd rather not give any exact hours. Trying to make it harder for any would be proxy hounds from following my trail. Even picked the timezone settings for my blog at random to throw people off. Though in retrospect I may be the only one who can actually see that... Hm.

Mornings begin about the same time every day. It's important to regulate your sleeping habits when you're trying to maintain a schedule like this, regardless of your particular reasons or goals for starting up a daily routine. I'm not much of a morning person, so you won't see me around at the crack of dawn, but I still aim for "early enough."

My first hour of consciousness is spent trying to keep my body in shape. I don't have a lot of room to move around in, but there's enough space for basic exercise. Push-ups, sit-ups, whatever... I've got a small pair of weights of in a corner, but I haven't really worked them in yet. Wanted to look up some proper weight lifting techniques first, keep forgetting about it. The narrow walkway from my room up to the exit isn't the best training space, but it's enough of a stretch for me to run back and forth along it and feel like I'm accomplishing something. Plus it's sloped going back up towards the door, so I think that's supposed to be beneficial... so long as I don't fall down it on the return trip.

Once that's done, I spend a few minutes deciding how to manage my food for the day. Which is usually just an effort in MRE roulette, followed by digging out a bag of trail mix and heading for my computer. My trail mix is awesome by the way. Thank god for Rant Radio and my angry youth days. As soon as Onewinged had told me to start gathering up food supplies to last for months, I knew I was making me some trail mix. Stuff doesn't seem like much, but it'll really keep you going through the day if you know what you're doing with it. Got a great instruction video from Patrolling with Sean Kennedy, can check it out if you want over here @7:35.

I spend the next several hours going back and forth between Onewinged's notes and various blogs they link to. It's a slow process. I mean, I don't think I'm THAT slow of a reader, but some of these posts can be pretty long and add in the comments(which are generally important by the way, don't ignore them; unless, you know, it falls under the category of Six Months Later Proxy Trolling, as outlined in a previous entry) and you've got quite a bit of material on your hands. Realistically speaking, it can take a full hour to read through just 3-4 blog postings, depending on the blog. (The Tutorial can take an hour to read ONE with all the freaking comments on some of them.) I'm trying to take a few notes of my own here and there as I go along... As well as constantly cross-referencing to other blogs by following the frequent commentators. That's how I'm finding most of the people that are still alive and kicking... Most of the people Onewinged pointed me to have disappeared as of late or otherwise been confirmed dead.

I finally clued in to using the "Follow" button at the top of these things too. Helps me keep track of things easier without having to constantly dive back into dead blogs to look for links again. So if you're seeing a blog in my "Blogs I'm Watching" list, then it probably falls into all of the following categories,
1) The blogger is Still Alive. (Always Beneficial)
2) I consider the blog to be "Important" to current events. (Or at the very least, helpful to my research)
3) I'm probably no where near finished reading it. I've probably gone over the most recent posts, skimmed here and there, and I'm working out a time to actually go back and read it from the start. But hey, you're bookmarked now, so I'll get back to you.

I'll add more as I encounter them. If it matters, then I'll note that I started with The Tutorial. Onewinged's notes suggested it was the best place to start and the logic behind The Rules seems to relate significantly to my situation, in a sort of reverse psychology kind of way... I guess? You may have noticed the "joke" by now... (I was tired and it sounded funny at the time, leave me alone.) From there, I went through Just Another Fool, Seeking Truth, and Dreams in Darkness. Then I started pouring over the Sage blogs and I've been bouncing around from there ever since.

Every so often, I'll switch it up and watch vlogs for the day instead. There are fewer of them, but watching them can be just as time consuming. For now, the only one I've completed in full (to present date anyways) is Marble Hornets. I was informed that was the best place to start. In case you missed my reference earlier, I'm mulling through EverymanHYBRID now.

Before I cut out for the day, I'll make a post to my own blog, if I have something worth sharing. All that typing takes about an hour, so I set aside time specifically for it. (Weird how something that takes less than five minutes to read can take fifty minutes to type.) If nothing comes up, then I either spend a little more time reading/watching or just switch off for a while.

I take about an hour after that to just sit back and ponder over things. Try to sort out all the information I've absorbed for the day and compile it with everything from the days prior. I'll probably start allotting more time to this process once I'm finally caught up on everything. Sometimes I'll write down some notes or take a short nap, but just in general it's a time for thinking and not staring at a computer screen.

I usually will try to spend about another hour doing light exercise again after that. Sitting around all day isn't good for the body, so I have to make sure I'm moving around enough to stay in shape... in case I ever have to start Running.

After that, I'll "warm up" my MRE and dig in to that. Those things are not the tastiest things in the world, but I guess they're okay. Edible at least. But hey, it's Fuel, not Food.

I'll spend my last few hours before climbing back into bed cleaning up and messing around on Newgrounds or Steam. Basically just getting my mind off of everything before I go to bed. I don't need the last thing I was thinking of before closing my eyes to be a faceless humanoid abomination. Already tried that once. Didn't sleep a wink. Thanks a lot Jay. Thaaaaaaanks a Lot.


  1. Wow. I hope that works out for you then.

  2. Heh, I did the same thing with my Time Zone, I hope you get caught up soon, reading through a whole blog does take forever, and it's difficult to make yourself do if you know the author is already dead.

    See you around

  3. Ah good... Keeping such a routine should benefit your mind as well as your body... Keep it up dear

    Also, I am not a morning person either hehe

  4. I am still rather proud that I pegged Free's timezone. Bahaha. If you ever want to trade like he and I did, I'll be more than happy to oblige. Not all secrets are bad, yea?

    Also, BLEGH. MRE's are just.. no. They'll kill you with the carbs, sweetheart. But.. if you're exercising reguarly, you should be okay. I just hope you aren't there long term.


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