Jul 2, 2012


Onewinged is there... appears restrained... the scene seems to wobble... back and forth... a haze... but otherwise transfixed forward...

that man is here... he's standing up now... he has something in his hand...

3 - "You should have listened you know." turning back... dancing around the room... like he's having the time of his life... "This would have been SO much easier. On the both of you. Willing subjects are so much easier... so much easier... much less restraints, far fewer cuts and bruises..."

syringe... fucking needles... it's glinting in the light...

3 - "You never listen though... Never, never... too caught up in those blogs of yours. Flights of fancy with your precious runner 'friends.' You've never even spoken to a one of them have you? How do you know they're even real?"

1 - "If they weren't real you wouldn't be acting like this... and you wouldn't have gone after the acid..."

3 - "Hu~mmm. Yes. Yes I suppose you're right. But still not completely right. You should have listened to me more... instead of Them. Your Hermit and your Sages aren't going to get you out of this... but I can. That's what I'm here for. To save my precious little friends from the big bad suit. Hee, heee~"

1 - "You've completely lost your mind haven't you? Is there anything left in there that he hasn't taken from you? Should I just start calling you 'Redlight' now?"

something flies across the room... onewinged flinches at it...

3 - "Don't you EVER Call Me That!!" rage... brief... but intense... "I'm more than some meat puppet for him to dance around in! I was Chosen! I will rise above all of this as a new man! You'll see... You'll See!"

in front of me now... can't see anything else...

3 - "You should feel lucky... you're not nearly as infected as the rest of us... hardly a worthy test subject." needle... needle... needle... needle... "Perhaps in time... But this is much better... This is Poetic... what better to experiment on than a Rat? It's too bad I couldn't find more... I wonder what the reaction would be to a purer concentrate? An overdose of pure substance? But alas, there wasn't enough of a dose for all of us... I've had to dilute the solution... but perhaps that will be enough. Perhaps this is the key to the proper dosage? Just enough to cleanse the infection, without rotting the brain."

1 - "Don't you dare! You know the side-effects! You could kill him!"

3 - "Good." that grin again... "All the better then. This is all his fault after all. He's the one who dragged us into this. He Made Me this Way. Neither of them would have found me otherwise. I wasn't involved. HE inFECTED US! He's one of Them. One of their filthy little Tools. But I don't despise him... noooo~ He's given me so much mooore~ Haa ha ha haaa~! I've become something greater now... and soon... soooon~ so much mooore~"

1 - "@#$%" can't hear... the laughing is too loud... there's some other noise... the needle comes closer...

3 - "Time to Wake up Dearest~"


  1. Well, well, well... now we're getting somewhere aren't we? Do you Understand yet?

    1. I believe that should be quite obvious to you by now.


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