Jul 5, 2012

End of the Beginning...

We're in the car... Onewinged and I... his car... my seat is leaned back for some reason... can't see over the dash... don't know why... I never rode like that normally... He's not saying anything, can barely see his face in the dark. Weird... He never liked driving around at night.

"Hey" my voice...

He looks at me, briefly. "Hey. You awake?"

"Think so... ... ... ... the fuck am I?"

1 - "You're in my car. I'm taking you back home."

2 - "Oh... ... ... ... is everything blurry for a reason or did I wake up in the twilight zone?"

1 - a laugh... "Little bit of both probably."

2 - "Wonderful... do elaborate."

1 - "...couldn't give you the details. But seems you got knocked up on something. You remember anything? Anything at all?"

2 - "I remember plenty of things. For instance... you're a shitty driver... so you should pull over and let my clearly drunken ass drive before you run us off a bridge or something."

1 - "Yeah, I'll do that right now." ...the car doesn't stop...

2 - "Soooo.... I'm guessing there was a party or something.... and I got absolutely wasted... again... and you're so embarrassed that you're not gonna tell me what happened for like a month or something?"

1 - "...yeah. Yeah, lets go with that."

2 - "This didn't involve that thing with the yoyo and the pineapple again did it?"

1 - "Christ. NO."

2 - "Oh good. That one was kind of awkward before... lets not talk about that again."

1 - "We wouldn't if you didn't keep bringing it up."

2 - "Sooooorrrry~"


2 - "Hey bro...?"

1 - "Yeah?"

2 - "There's like... blood all over you, you know?"


1 - ".....it's not mine."


  1. And so your amnesia begins, it would seem.

  2. You are continually haunted by the ghosts of your past. Like us all.

  3. Now that you can remember, does this change how you will go about things?

    1. I feel like it would be kind of stupid to just up and make a 180 turn just because I've learned something new about a past self that I no longer fully embody. So no, probably not... but it will leave something else to consider I guess.

  4. Good luck with all this, 'Goyle.

  5. Holy shit. You seem to just have terrible luck. I'm sorry you've gone through so much.


  6. I remain convinced that memory loss is runner shit... so good news for you, two lives and both times you were a runner.

    That's conviction.


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