Jul 9, 2012


Right... so, where do we start?

I guess for the ones that haven't figured it out yet,
1 - Onewinged
2 - The Gargoyle
3 - The Third
You can also assume the voices that I didn't identify with a number were probably me too. As no fourth option has presented itself in anything I've seen to suggest otherwise.

Secondly... what I've posted is not even the half of what I've been seeing lately. Some of it... some of it I'd just rather not talk about. You... you don't need to know. It doesn't add anything new to the table it's just-- yeah. Not going there. I've posted what I felt seemed... relevant.

So... I'm trying not to jump to too many conclusions here but... I don't really see a whole lot of alternative explanations, so...

Rule Number One, right?

Everyone lies. Even the people you trust the most.

I've been trying to piece together a timeline or something but... there's just not enough detail. Everything gets fuzzy. All I can deduce for certain is that Onewinged, The Third, and myself were clearly involved in this mess for much longer than I thought. Magic Number Three flipped his shit and wiped my memory, leading to... basically a blank that I can't describe. Onewinged must have filled in the gaps with whatever excuses he could think up and I just rolled with it... Maybe this is why I stopped drinking? ...among other things?

I never realized until I started actually trying to do so just how lacking my memory of recent years is. I mean... knowledge seems to still be intact, but... personal memory and the like is just shot full of holes. And even now that this stuff has started coming back, I can only really confirm one instance of a Construct encounter and that- ...Nevermind.

I still don't really know how it started... I'm not sure if I ever will. And I'm not sure I want to know. Some things are best lost to the ether, I think.

But this other guy... I've got no memory of him outside of these visions. Like he's been wiped clean. I've been identifying him as "The Third" because that's the best descriptive term I have for him at the moment. No real name for him has ever come up. I'm not sure of our relationship outside of "a friend", at quite possibly the loosest sense of the word.

But I think I finally get it now... all the 3's in Onewinged's typing. Code, right? More like a big obvious hint I was too stupid to see. There were three of us from the start. There were always three of us. So I get it now. I understand. So then...


What the fuck do you want?


  1. You're up to speed then? Good. I'll drop all the cryptic formalities and stop waiting for the next minute with a three in it before posting. Hopefully that should speed things along.

    I'd really rather not hold a lengthy discussion in public however... regardless of the fact you'll just post a transcript later like a fucking idiot. Bloggers... honestly.

    I digress. I'll e-mail you a time and location.

  2. Greeeeat. I feel like I'd almost prefer a binary retard to you... At least I'd get a laugh out of that. This? This is just irritating.

    But while I'm sitting here watching my e-mail, I have to ask, just what makes you think I'm going to just waltz out and meet with you in person somewhere, no questions asked?

    1. If tomorrow, hypothetically speaking, you were to receive an invitation to a perfectly civilized tea party from, say... Morningstar. Then would you, shining example of intelligence that you are, go to the specified location the next day in spite of some vague inkling notion that this just may be a trap?

    2. I rest my case.

      Coordinates are in the mail. Try not to be late.

    3. HEY. If you Recall. I had a PERFECTLY civilized dinner meeting with Slice last year. Didn't even try to kill him. Good GOD, you people ALWAYS assume the worst out of me.

    4. People are just so touchy and judgmental, aren't they?


    5. I find myself fascinated you remember. Alas, my apologies for sullying your great name and reputation with my examples.

  3. Huh. Well. You lead a... colorful life. Good luck.


  4. Just how much aren't you sharing? Like 10 visions or 100? Have they slowed down at all?


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