May 10, 2012

I'm Going to be Perfectly Honest

Somebody knows me too damned well.

The insinuation of that person being myself is given credence most significantly by the simple fact that I don't think I've addressed this publicly enough for anyone else to have clued in. I'm still having a hard time buying it. That message is full of a lot of cryptic shit and I have high mind to just fucking ignore it and just assume that someone finally decided to drop a proxy on my ass, but... Fuck.


I am absolutely terrified of the next Winter Solstice.

Yeah, sure, nothing much happened during the last one... so what? It's still a date which holds incredible significance to many within the current generation of Runners and ProxiesVictims. One which many seem eager to exploit. And this year? There are way too many events tied into it. I mean, ignoring EVERYTHING that has happened within the last few months involving the Construct or his pals in the Legion of Doom... and you still have that rather foreboding notion that even the unaffected subconsciously worry about. The end of Mayan Calendar... The predicted end of the world. It's This Year. On the Effing SOLSTICE. That's when it's supposed to happen.

With that in mind, NOW look around at recent Construct-related activities. The conversation between Messenger and Dr Cairo on New Years Eve, in which Cairo discovers an ominous countdown playing during the balldrop which, according to his math, would reach zero on the Solstice. Nicky Sage has made more than a few insinuations that the weakening "Veil" is predicted to collapse sometime this year. The overshadowing hand of the Overseer's Project Destiny, which grows closer to fulfillment by the day, suggests that we are moving ever closer to annihilation via means of The Quiet's arrival. And of all things, a man who once threatened to bring about the Apocalypse has recently been brought back to the forefront. Sure, it's not the same Redlight as before, but the new model seems just as fucking intent, IF NOT MORE SO, on burning it all down. And I'll just glance over the fact that whatever remains of old Red's "apocalypse juice" is still unaccounted for.

And that's just the few signs that I've managed to take note of and could actually remember while trying to write this out! There have been signs of some kind (be they subtle or fuck obvious) of terrible shit like this cropping up everywhere. And all of them point towards the Solstice. Something is going to come to a head on that date... and End of the World or no, I don't think anything will be the same afterwards.

Change is coming.
Change has been coming for quite some time.
And I don't think that ANY OF US are ready for it.

And this shit? This shit the other day?? That is NOT fucking helping my outlook on things!

Edit: Oh for fucks sake, that message is still at the top of the blog! I'm changing the effing date on it! I'm not dealing with this being in my face every time I open the blog!


  1. You know, I like to think the Highest of our Organization have a Darth Vader Helmet Submarine Ship in a swamp somewhere. Now I don't know if we have direct Legion of Doom analogues, but my money is on Nightscream being Solomon Grundy. Hehehehe.
    But yes Gargsy. Shit is going to hit the fan hard this year. I have been checking up on the Armageddon Syringes. They appear to be perfectly safe in the hands of a very unpleasant individual.

    1. Oh, well, that's GREAT news then, isn't it? >.<;

  2. Ah, someone has finally noticed that it's going to be an... interesting year.
    Now that took you all long enough, didn't it~?



    1. Oh for fuck's sake, Redlight, stop being lazy and make a fucking account already. Otherwise, I might be tempted to start handing out comments under your name just to fuck with people. Anons ARE NOT mysterious, they're silly and easily forged.

      Get with the program.

    2. You.

      I like you. :D

    3. With all due respect, please pass on already. You're less a Greater Devil than an Imp, poking at the ankles of newbie adventurers. It's really quite sad.

    4. Heh. Well, isn't this cute.

      Like a parade of minds. Each so desperately trying to sound tough in the face of he who awoke fears none of you thought you'd need to face again... yet with not a clue how to do so. It's adorable watching you scramble. It truly is. So desperate to say SOMETHING of merit. Of intelligence. Of rebellion and strength...

      Yet your own nerves steal anything of value from your minds.

      Every single one of you have missed the mark completely. I'm disappointed.

      All of you really need to follow one simple rule:

      Don't bother speaking unless you have something to Say.

      Try harder. Or don't bother at all. Your choice. Because honestly? You're making us laugh.

    5. I never faced the fears he awoke in the first place, Nightscream. I'm still green. But if he died once, he can die again.

      I do apologize for the clutter. I shall try harder in the future.

      Though I take making you laugh as a small victory.

    6. It's not wise to compare The New to The Old, darling.

      Would you use the same logic for a car? A computer? A gun or a blade?

      None of you are thinking.

      This is a completely New Game, sweetheart. The Rules are changing. Keep your head buried along with a dead man as you are... and you'll only discover the quickest way to bring an End to your own Game.

    7. Sounding intelligent is overrated. A quick fuck you would probably be more effective you wordy bastards.

    8. In my experience, Swan, if you say 'fuck you,' they tease you for having "such a limited vocabulary".

    9. I typically follow that up with another fuck you.

    10. You are the worse thing to happen to intellectual thought since spell check.

  3. Boyo, I think it's safe to say you're fucked. I'd say "don't trust anyone," but you just proved you trust whoever has a shiny name or title that calls you up. My advice is pointless, so I leave you with this: you should really start being more careful about the details you're handing out.

  4. Not bad, Brooklyn. Sharp, as usual.

    However, one of your details is a little off. The Mayan's did not proclaim the Solstice to be "The End of the World." A more accurate translation is "A Time Of Great Change." While some might say that such a thing is a less... terrifying prophesy... I don't think anyone here would disagree in saying that if there is one thing we have all learned in our time within The Game... it is that there are many things that are very much worse than mere Death.

    I do hope this thought doesn't open a few thousand more possibilities for you to worry about, my friend. Wouldn't want that eye twitch to get any worse, now, would we?

    Smile, sweetheart~

  5. ...
    *Le sigh* Slenderman will cause the end of the world... am I the biggest idiot on earth if I hadn't thought about that?

  6. It's funny because you think any of us are going to live that lone -Maya

  7. This comment has been removed by the author.

  8. I don't know that I care if the world ends, and if it's the Master's will I would actually welcome it.

    Granted, there are a few ends I would see stopped in their tracks like the encroaching darkness... or rather the Quiet as it's apparently called. That shit is one of the worst ways I can imagine going out.

    If Nightscream is right and it's more of a big change on the solstice then you can super upgrade me to not giving a fuck. I can't imagine I'll still be alive by then. That goes for most of you too.

  9. Or maybe they just thought that they'd be around still in however-many years and someone would make a new calendar.


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