May 12, 2012

Cutting it Short

Alright, been thinking about... and I think I've gotten my ass kicked around just about enough times already and that big foreboding WTF or whatever that came down on me earlier this week is about all I can handle. I tried. I did what I could. A good half of it was fucking crazy and probably didn't get us anywhere, but... hey, somebody's got to do it. And better me making an ass of myself for science than someone else. Maybe I've at least inspired a few people to take up the mantle or whatever. We need more people poking this thing with sticks until we figure out how to stop it for real. But I'm done with this "strategy." It was fun, but time to move on before I kill myself... or someone else...

"Plan B" has been ready to go for a little while now... I can make a few calls and have it ready to go in a days notice if I wanted to, so... I think it's about time I went back and finished things.

Hmm... no... first things first. There's one last thing I have to do.

Consequences be damned.


  1. Don't toy about stuff you don't want to see coming back at you swinging.

  2. I am admittedly curious as to what you plan on doing here...

  3. I love that you keep trying, even though you know there is almost no chance of your experiments working or helping you in any way. Your drive is so strong. Your fire so pure.

  4. Be honest with me here man. If I were to lend you a few crates of Dynamite, A bulldozer, And half a dozen infants stolen from their mothers, what would you do with them? This question has been eating at me for a while.

  5. Good, you're out doing more crazy things that will inveitbly backfire. Seriously now, "consequences be dammed"? How is something that needs that to be said a good idea?


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